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  1. Crowder vs SF, Beckham vs Cinci, Boyd @ Cle Full PPR with bonuses for 100 yards and 40 and 50+ yard TDs. thanks!
  2. Should i sell Rodgers and keep Ryan or sell Ryan and keep Rodgers or wait a few weeks more?
  3. Sorry I didn’t mention that I have Vikings in one league. Chargers in another and am trying to pick up rams off waiver wire in my third league. None are in the same league just in case.
  4. So just keep rolling them out every week regardless of matchup or stash and pick up streamers if possibles? Vikings are more droppable. Got it.
  5. Can I drop these defenses or are they normally stashed?
  6. I’m leaning towards Mack but Johnson is very enticing due to the GMEN secondary
  7. Should I go: Boyd vs LAC Crowder @Buf Kirk @SF IF Sutton is starting Monday night, how many are you guys starting him confidently? Should I start Sutton instead of these options if Sutton gets the green light?
  8. Lindsey vs tenn , Howard@ne, Gibson vs phi full ppr, pick one Whir
  9. Waiver wire must be good for QBs. I’d drop tannehill. You good with Wentz.
  10. RBs get 20 point bonuses WR get 10 point bonuses thanks for the quick reply ill try to help your post if I can