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  1. Rough news for both Cook and Mattison owners. Any hit seems like it could take Cook out with him being banged up, and can't roll out Mattison with Cook playing.
  2. What a gun Williams is, very glad he's alright. Should have been ejected, the NFL officiating is absolute garbage. They don;t know the rules themselves, and don't make use of the tools given to them in challenges.
  3. All you can do is hold on t him and hope for the best. You "can" try and trade him, but you won't be getting much of anything you can't get of the wire. Best case scenario he is back to himself 5 weeks from now. I don't think it's likely, but I will take that chance with him on my bench rather than stick a guy like Conley or Sanu on my bench,
  4. It wasn’t in private, the lady is the one who has shared these screen caps is she not? She was included/sent these messages.
  5. If the women is intimidated, as she says she is/was, that is all they will need with what they have. It's very clear to see how it would intimidate someone who just publicly spoke out/brought to light things about Brown.
  6. As would I, but when you use the language and delivery tactics he did in getting the message there, arguing it as intimidation is incredibly, incredibly easy.
  7. If you want to shame someone, shame them. Creating a a group message, with multiple people, and expressing that they need to investigate, and then posting picture of their family, is not shaming, it’s as clear cut as you can get to intimidation. What would you call 4 men adding you to a group chat/sending you screen caps and then just discussing amongst themselves that they need to investigate you, look into your background, and posting pictures of your family?
  8. It’s awful because she was included in the group message, or sent them. Why include her for any reason other than to intimidate her. Thats what hat the problem is here. It’s a clear intimidation tactic.
  9. Down by exactly 11. Need 12 points from Fairbairn, he has nobody left. Houston should be getting into the Saints zone shouldn’t they? Am I crazy thinking that Fairbairn should get at least 3fg attempts and 2xp attempts?
  10. This season won’t count towards his contract, the year will just slide
  11. They won’t want to tie up all that cap space on Gordon with what he is going to get on his contract.