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  1. CEH to get less than 10.3 PPR points. Not liking my odds
  2. Things are looking up if Foles is tossing moving forward.
  3. CT had 4 catches for 29 yards in all their hurry up drives, which was 3 drives with 19 plays. Robinson had 3 catches for 42 yards in the previous drive (8 plays) alone. Easy to see who should be getting the hurry up time.
  4. Robinson was, they used CT for the hurry up in 4th, which I’m sure Robinson will begin getting shortly. They ran 26 plays in the 4th quarter, they only ran 40 plays the rest of the game.
  5. Wait until the boneheads making the calls realise that the guy leading the team in receptions, receiving yards, rushing and TDs is the best option for the hurry up offense
  6. I'm in the pickle where I have to play either Adams or Williams. The ole' Thursday night, Sunday night terror
  7. Should I start RoJo or J. Robinson? Thanks
  8. Yeah, I am keeping on the bench for another week (RoJo can take the RB2 spot for now). If/when he gets targets when they are behind in a game, I will feel confident firing him into my lineup.
  9. Cooper went to Dallas mid season and put up 53 receptions on 76 targets, 725 yards and 6 touchdowns in 9 games.
  10. The plays where he got the ball were pretty awful, Brown had the better designed plays that actually opened up room while they just tried to force Akers straight through the gut with the Cowboys coming straight through the O-line every other play.
  11. Akers is probably the best buy low option right now, I'm sure there are a few owners who will have no patience in general, and then his week 1 will put them over the edge.
  12. Wouldn't be surprise to see Foles come out of the tunnel to start the 3rd.What a disgraceful showing by Trubisky