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  1. Suspended 6 games WTF and they let Still go Watson value just dropped
  2. Allen Robinson looked like he told Rodgers to rescue him
  3. Of course the league will agree with him. They are salty you picked up Hill before them they are bias. I wouldn’t pay F him
  4. The issue is Payton thinks Murray is the better fit with Hill. Hill also looked terrible vs DEN today. He looked really scared to throw the ball and struggled reading coverages
  5. Networks need to stop trying to milk this rivalry until the Bears become actually good
  6. I don’t blame you. Commish is a dummy as well for allowing the league to go unpaid this deep into the season
  7. Dudes who played Hinton about to get negative points
  8. I get Murray is the power back but Kamara and Hill can go exist. I guess Payton sees otherwise
  9. This might be the fastest game in nfl history both teams are run heavy
  10. Hard to see Hinton producing at any point in this game even if it’s 30-0 with the 4th q to go.