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  1. This is one those guys that if you owned him last year you will fade. I’ll let another owner pick him up and reap the rewards or suffer like I did. I don’t like the coaching move the browns made and baker is still the qb.
  2. The most important move will definitely be at QB they sign someone capable his value will be mid 3rd. I faded him this year because of Cam and the Curtis Samuel offseason hype train. I really didn't realize how good of a year he had until the season was over. I suspect Greg Olsen will retire next.
  3. Anyone know of a site that will allow you to export stats to excel for free? Thanks
  4. He was the #16th WR in my league with bums throwing him the ball. I'm not a big Bridgewater fan but he would be an upgrade over Grier, Allen and Cam.
  5. Baylor’s coach as HC now LSU’s passing coordinator as OC. Sign me up for Moore as my WR2. I can see them going after Bridgewater since he is familiar with the Brady’s (Saints) playbook
  6. Madden curse is going to kill this guy next year. Good luck to those picking him in the 2nd rd
  7. Signing the Vikes OC as head coach. I don't know about this one. Probably good for Chubb but this won't make me draft ODB again next year
  8. Add AJ Brown to my fade list. I know he is the shiny rookie Wr with boom games but I think he will bust in relation to his ADP next year.
  9. I think he is going to bust in regards to his ADP next year and is going to be very frustrating to own. I will fade him. He has the leagues attention now and won't get the volume needed to be a WR15, I'll eat crow if I'm wrong In the last 6 games he got shut down by NO, NE and BAL feasted on HOU twice and OAK. He is going to be a matchup play which is cool for your WR3 but not what I would want in my WR2.
  10. Tight end will be so deep next year. It's possible youll find a top 5 guy pass the 10th.