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  1. I really think Brate gets traded and they try to replicate Gronk Hernandez with Gronk OJ.
  2. It’s just one of those situations where I owned him last year and now I’m scared
  3. Odell being traded is his best outlook. I have no faith in Baker and they added Hooper.
  4. If you draft David Johnson prepare to be frustrated when you see D.Johnson Touchdown and it’s Duke.
  5. Damn I still like DJ especially in ppr though. Robby is another desean Jackson. Might open up things for DJ
  6. Panthers Him moore teddy With Joe Brady. Nfc south is going to be fun
  7. Well Barbers gone. Let see if they draft a back or pick another one up in FA. I’m sure they will
  8. How are we feeling about him with Brady and if Barber signs elsewhere?
  9. This is the only thing I was thinking. They couldn’t pay him Mike Thomas money.
  10. Going to Houston wow AZ had to give them a pick
  11. Someone must’ve looked at that dead money. This makes more sense
  12. Mahomes is too young to follow the Brady Model plus you put too much faith in the gm while taking a a pay cut.
  13. Report: Cardinals releasing him. The dead money is crazy something like 18m and was the reason I did not expect them to do this.
  14. There is no way I would take him over Adams next year.