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  1. ESPN removing his IR eligibility while he us only questionable tomorrow. There is blood on their hands if he doesn’t play...
  2. Feels like he’s going to be included in Houston trade...does he feast there if so?
  3. Thanks. That makes me feel better, thought he went with Dedmon. Shouldn’t even be a competition.
  4. Did he not get the start tonight? Walton is going to ruin this isn’t he...
  5. Yeah but if you have that opinion in a forum about lebron james you’re crying. Best not say anything
  6. Exactly. Couldn’t care less what his average is, he clearly brought it in the last game. It’s the fact he has the ability to score at will, but defers touches to danny green and avery bradley. This thread isn’t about real life it’s about fantasy. And when your first rounder turns into a beta scorer it’s annoying.
  7. Gonna say Hornets are defensive juggernauts too? Guy just decided to stop scoring so he can look like a point guard or something.
  8. Guy would just rather not score when his team needs him the most
  9. How on earth does this guy not have a pg tag on ESPN?
  10. I'd go with WCS all day in a points chance Gallo plays enough games
  11. You can get way more for Vuc. Or hold him, going to have a big season. If you must trade, get more
  12. Tough one. If you fancy yourself on the wire, I'd go with the AD side and drop lamb, like the previous poster hinted to. Bjelica will come back down to earth, so it's an AD trade. If you have anything solid on the wire, I go with AD