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  1. I'm going to hold to see how he recovers for Friday. With all the Denver injuries, he could really have a nice run.
  2. Was so ready to drop him after Siakim and Fred came back but he's playing at such a high level now
  3. Hi guys In my other H2H league not posted (Fantrax) I have Bertans and Norm. Of course, added them for the 3s but someone dropped Holmes. This league uses a salary cap so I can save some money with adding Holmes and use that money for another add. As well, I have some good options for 3s on the squad already - Dame, Jrue, KAT, Burks Make the move? And if so, which guy to drop? Thanks
  4. Problem now is Fred back soon.... Not sure if there's enough mins
  5. Man, tough call. I kinda feel like Huerter has a more defined role in Atlanta. As good as Holmes has been, I feel their front office is a mess and makes poor decisions
  6. Thanks for all the input guys. The same owner I'm looking to deal with has Richard Holmes, so we're working on adding him to the deal somehow too
  7. It's a keeper, not dynasty. I just need healthy bodies. I can probably get a pick back in the off season too
  8. Hi guys... Just jumping in, cause I'm looking to acquire him in a deal. How's everyone's thoughts on his health going forward?
  9. UPDATE just got offered Capela + CJ McCollum + future 4th pick For Fred van Fleet + future 1st round pick Thoughts???
  10. I'm really considering dropping Conley straight up soon, especially if I don't hear a solid time line. Jazz are on fire right now, and why would you consider breaking up a lineup that's won 10 in a row. I built my squad as a punt assists, but Conley was available kinda late in the draft and I thought it was a nice value call - hurting now
  11. I don't see it as a bad trade, comes down to what u need. Simmons is great but the lack of 3s and FT is always a bad thing in my eye. I'm bit of a pro embiid guy anyway and I own in my my 2 money leagues. He's a special talent
  12. I'd rather hold Mitchell if I could... Dangle Lavine and see if he bites on that. For the guy, either one is great. Capela has been playing awesome so far
  13. Embiid could be a league winner for you. As someone who had a similar injury, they'll do a "buddy" tape job to one of his fingers. Having it on his non-shooting hand helps as well.