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  1. Hi guys, Which guy would you rather want to have this year and going forward? Currently own Chubb but I'm wondering if I should try and target Drake (0.5 PPR league)
  2. Agreed He has a stockpile of picks (he also has the #1 and #2 overall). The funny thing is that #7 overall is my pick this draft year as I traded it away for Tyreek for that playoff push
  3. So far, the other offers I've received: #90 overall pick for Mike Evans Another offer was: Zeke + #94 overall for Russell Wilson and #76 pick
  4. Hi guys 10 team PPR league - 4 keepers My team settings allow us to keep players for a max of 2 years. I have to move Zeke and Mike Evans this year. I'm ok with 3 keepers, Dalvin, Chubb and Tyreek. So. . I'm pressed with options. I'm lacking in draft picks after trying to make a playoff push last (no picks in the first 2 rounds). A guy made an offer: Josh Jacobs, 1st round pick (#7 overall) for Zeke and Evans. Thoughts?
  5. Another wrinkle - I could do a deal and get Starling Marte for Pete Alonso before the draft, and use Marte. Just looking at the Rotoworld live draft, and here's some of the draft picks for the guys I mentioned: Pete - #36 Starling Marte - #24 Bieber - #24 Ketel Marte - #42 Verlander - #66 Eloy - #57 Yordan - #84
  6. Thanks for all the feedback so far. Another wrinkle, is that I have the #4 pick in the first round. So I'm going to get a really awesome player in that #4 pick. Question is, what guy is too valuable to throw back and miss them at #4
  7. Hi guys, Had Verlander penciled in as one of my keepers, but with the recent injury news, I don't want to take the risk. We keep 5 guys total, and my I'm only really sold on 3 guys so far. Any help would be great: Trout (K) Yelich (K) Rendon (K) Options: Pete Alonso, Yordan Alvarez, Verlander, Ketel Marte, Shane Bieber, Eloy Jiminez
  8. Would you guys rather have 3 games of Chriss or 2 games of Wood?
  9. Probably Ben, as they're in playoffs mode. I got KAT in one league, and I don't see him returning. The Wolves front office will shut him down. No need to bring him back early and chance of getting hurt again. Plus, losses are more important now for ping pong balls for next year's draft
  10. Coby is #1 on my list now. Bulls just announced he's starting on Tuesday. Honestly, i like all those guys as an add
  11. I hear ya - and I agree. With the weird schedule this week, I'm trying to work on schedules. Plus there's a few decent guys on the WW that may help too. I agree - Wood has been a game changes when he plays
  12. You honestly think so? Harris has been decent lately - and 2 extra games could be huge
  13. Hi guys Made it to the semis of my league, and I'm in a super tough matchup. Wood only has 2 games this week, and the Nuggets have 4 games. As much as I love Wood's game, I need to get those man games in. Thoughts?
  14. My bad...shouldn't have posted. Just frustrated