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  1. I like the deal....Cle has a great schedule if Chubb can return
  2. Hi guys Got the #1 WW priority in my league. Currently tied for 2nd place and playing the other team this week. The drop would be either Mattison (handcuff for Cook) or Brandin Cooks. Thanks - leave a link
  3. Went back to the Kelce owner to see if he could soften the deal - nope He wants a 1 and 5 and Engram for Kelce, 8 and 11 Waller deal is Waller and 10 for engram and 6
  4. Thanks guys - plus, Waller's BYE is done. So, here's the offer I'm going to roll with Engram + 7th rounder for Waller and 12th rounder
  5. Thanks for mine - I like the depth you're getting for this setup. I'd pull the trigger
  6. As a Cook owner myself - you got to do that deal
  7. Thanks for the help on mine I'd do that - Davis has been great and I read that the Ravens aren't ready to Dobbins enough burn
  8. Hi guys Looking to upgrade my TE position as I can't deal with Engram anymore. Contacted some squads that could make some moves, and here's an idea on some deals. Kelce owner wants a future 1st and 5th round pick + Engram (I get Kelce, and a future 8th/9th) Waller owner wants a pick in the 5th - 7th round range I know that Kelce is the better player, but I feel like I'd be overpaying and I could get Waller at a better price point. Thoughts? Thanks
  9. ok bud - get healthy, and hopefully the owners that can hold you, will have a nice weapon going into the fantasy playoffs!!
  10. Man, the only one I like is #3 honestly. #1 looks promising as well, but I haven't heard the latest on Gordon's potential suspension - hopefully it's nothing too crazy
  11. I think the gameplan got thrown out the window early
  12. Yea - same here. He was getting all the burn - and McKinnon looked bad when he was out there as well. I don't think there's any discussion on the #1 when he's healthy
  13. Agreed - but he's a different animal compared to the other guys they throw out there. A few times last night, he looked primed for one of those cutback and GONE TD
  14. Late game last Sunday, watched Dalvin run all over the Seahawks in the 1st half. Get banged up, tried to come out for the first play in the 2nd half, and then sit for the rest of the game (groin injury) Lat night, watched Raheem run all over the Rams in the 1st half. Get banged up, tried to come out for the first play in the 2nd half and then sit for the rest of the game (ankle injury) UGH