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  1. I’m more concerned about the Donald Duck shorts. 🙀
  2. Broncos’ offense has a chance to be pretty good next year, with a full off-season for Lock, Shurmur as the new OC, plus Gordon and Jeudy. Only question as it relates to Gordon for me would be the workload split between him and Lindsey. But I think he could be a viable RB2 in PPR. The Broncos didn’t bring him on and aren’t paying him what they’re paying him to ride the pine.
  3. I’m playing. Ramsey is a concern, but the game is at home (where Amari has thrived) and it’s basically a must-win for Dallas. Amari is too good to completely shut down, so I’m just downgrading expectations a little. I also like that the Cowboys played on Thursday night in Week 14, so everybody should be well-rested coming into this game.
  4. I think you can throw out anything from that first game. Flacco was just horrible. Lock is already a significant upgrade and has shown he’ll make teams pay if they stack the box. The Broncos have also fully committed to Lindsay as their starter whereas Freeman was getting almost half the work before. I think the snow may actually help the running game. I’m flexing Lindsay with confidence and hoping for a big day.
  5. Snow is forecast for Broncos-Chiefs in KC on Sunday. How much of an impact do you guys think that will have on the game? Are you shying away from that matchup now, or do you think there won’t be much of an impact? Or might it even help the offenses (thinking about Lindsay and the running game)?
  6. Likely rolling with him as my QB2 this week. LET'S DO IT!!!
  7. He's a sit for me too. I hate Thursday night games anyway, and the Ravens matchup is just ugh.
  8. My daughter was conceived after Foles beat the Pats in the Super Bowl. True story.
  9. When Howard comes back, this could end up being a really ugly committee.
  10. Damn, this game really went to OT. We might need some more cheerleader pics to survive this.