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  1. My waiver wire pickups have been hilarious. 11 minutes?
  2. Lol I have Nunn and Porter Jr. in today. Haha!
  3. Have you watched the Bulls play / this particular game? I missed the first quarter, but after that a lot of his looks were tough like end of shot clock, under pressure. Like other people were saying earlier he could be missing playing with better passers. Also physically he looks to be playing through what is seemingly a chronic hip injury.
  4. I can't see much hope after watching the game. Need some sort of possibility otherwise will drop (again). Someone say something optimistic. 😅
  5. I'm punting assists but now I'm confused what to do. Do I try to get more assists in from waivers or just let Brogdon carry me mostly by himself to a mediocre-not last finish.
  6. What are you DOING out there. Hit a f'ing shot, jesus christ worse than Vucevic.
  7. You don't say. This guy is an absolute gun. Bucks are finished. Please get a couple more rbs though Malcolm.
  8. Many numbers were had. Oof my fg and ft percentage.
  9. I was pretty shocked no-one picked him up yeah, in 10 teamer.
  10. I dropped Isaac after 9 minutes of watching him for Vanvleet lol. Just from eye test, we'll see.