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  1. Freeman is just behind Goldy and Votto i think.
  2. My batters are on fire in my roto, 1st in HR (204, the 2nd has 188), 1st in RBI (682, 2nd has 622), 1st in SLG and 2nd in AVG and OBP (with 6 cats). But i can't win this year because all my pitchers are horrible or injured... i sit at the 4th place, i have the 2nd worst ERA and my WHIP and K/BB are bad too. And i will lose some guys at the end of the year because we can keep only 6 and i have Contreras, Freeman, Gennett, Arenado, Correa, Judge, Bellinger, Ozuna, Betts and Bregman (and Story too ^^). And don't tell me to make some trades. I have tried a lot, but it's a really conservative league.
  3. Correa is now out for more a month so i added this guy from FA. He's garbage since i traded him last year. He will be back on track now !
  4. Yeah maybe, but Freeman is still ranked #16 in my league after more than 1 month in DL.
  5. I own Freeman, Arenado, Correa, Betts, Bogaerts since the last year and i have add Ozuna, Judge and Bellinger this year on my team but i can only keep 6 guys for the next year. Tough choice !
  6. Gary Sanchez has a good bat but Tanaka has a putrid 11,57ERA with Gary Sanchez at catcher (3,59ERA with Austin Romine). But even with that, i dropped him today. I wanted him badly the last year and when i draft him, he kill my team
  7. It's really funny for me. I know it's never good when you draft a player and he's not as good as you want, i know that. I know some trolls here are really weird, but honestly, i don't think i see an other thread with so many defenders for a player who is just bad for now. And sometimes, just don't feed the troll. Some guys have posted some bull**** about Mookie earlier because he has not good stats. I just don't see there now. Story has a good power, he's in a good lineup and in a good ballpark, he just need to bounce back. That will come.
  8. I don't know if the truth is story have had relations with a lot of mothers or if some guys here are in relation with his mother for protect/defend him like that.
  9. You're right, i didn't read the 33 pages of this topic because maybe only 33 posts in all are interesting. The others are trolls or owners.
  10. I just ask something. I owned him last year and he left my team on a trade because i had already Correa and Bogaerts. He has good power, he strike a lot but he has some walks, so this is why i ask this. It was not a troll or something. Relax.
  11. Future best TTO ? I think this guy is only good for HR and K, and sometimes some BB.
  12. I can't have Stanton but now i don't care, i have The Judge !!