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  1. I don't consider 75th percentile SPARQ a freak of nature. That would be 95%+ imo. Thank you for the link though.
  2. A lot. He was a 6th round draft pick. He's not a freak of nature.
  3. 3 years in the league. Hasn't done anything. Can't stay on the field. 6th round draft pick. Next.
  4. This guy seems like JAG. Why the hype??
  5. He's the best WR on the Redskins but he was injured in the beginning of the season and Alex Smith is Alex Smith.
  6. I'm in the same situation and I'm playing Fitzpatrick with little second guessing
  7. That's a little tougher. It's a tossup but Mahomes has the higher upside here and I'd roll him out!