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  1. i agree. Wonder if there is an injury or some kind of doghouse thing.
  2. Owning McKinnon has been incredibly unlucky. Think about it. Could have dropped this guy a long time ago except for circumstances. Moestert gets hurt and he has his chance. Does ok. Then Moestert comes back but we don't drop him cause we don't know how it gets played out. Turned out that he got no run BUT Moestert hurt again so you have to hold McKinnon. Then just when it looked like McKinnon would get run with Wilson also hurt, Wilson magically comes off the injured list and handles ALL of the snaps, McKinnon totally worthless. BUT Wilson gets hurt so we still can't drop McKinnon. This week were thinking that maybe, just maybe McKinnon will get run without anybody else available except the RB from the practice squad. BUT NO. Here comes Coleman in the nick of time to come off injured reserve. Unreal man. But we still can't drop McKinnon just yet cause were not totally sure Coleman plays and if he does gets a full allotment of the snaps. Uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
  3. uggg, limited practice with the groin. Does this guy EVER practice in full.
  4. Of course it had to happen on a Monday night. Usually takes 7 to 10 days to clear. What a disaster.
  5. Allen Robinson is in the concussion protocol per Bears head coach Matt Nagy. unreal man. Godwin and now ARob. What a year.
  6. MiamiDolphins back at practice today. Only player not spotted was CB Jamal Perry. That's good news considering the team had four players leave the Jets game early, including DeVante Parker and Andrew Van Ginkel.
  7. Just so you know, I'm not arguing here, in fact I'm really hoping your right. Its just that he looked really shaken up and even had to kneel down. It was a pretty vicious helmet to helmet hit.
  8. There were 3 minutes left and down 2 scores. Of course he would have come back in.
  9. I think at this point we have to assume he's concussed. He didn't return to the game. Its really odd nobody has inquired about it, no beat writers. Have to hope he'll clear before Sunday.
  10. I have to start him now due to the injury to Godwin but I'm not expecting much. I'm hoping that Tua keys on him but you also have the Ramsey shadow so there's that. I'm really hoping that Tua improves Parker the way Herbert did with Allen. And thats if he plays.
  11. Look at the replay, had a td if Foles had led him. Had to wait for the throw, he still caught it but it should have been a td.
  12. He had 3 yards on Ramsey on that play too, could have scored.
  13. I am hearing they expect him back for week 9. How is that possible. A fractured finger will be ok in 11 days?
  14. Any update on him? Concussion, no concussion? [...]
  15. My receivers were great a few weeks ago. Ridley, Godwin, ARob, Parker and Anderson. Since then had to trade Ridley to get Cook, now Godwin hurt, ARob hurt, Parker hurt. Left with Robby Anderson, guy I got off waivers.