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  1. Hey 20 touches, 150 yards and 2 tds. Wow who would have thunk it. Next year lets get back to that rbbc and give him 12 touches. Can’t forget getting Jamaal half the work.
  2. Have had this guy for 2 years now in 3 player keeper league. This is the 4th time this dude leaves the game with an injury, in title game to boot. Not keeping him. Too injury prone.
  3. They are the most unimaginative team ever by the GL. How about spread formation and giving Chubb the ball. Pathetic.
  4. Does Kamara have a play over 10 yards in the last 10 weeks.
  5. Never again with Conner. How many times do you a point before he leaves. I am in a keeper league. Not keeping him. Done.
  6. They have to be the only team in the nfl who NEVER give the ball to their rb at the 1 yard line.
  7. One thing that stands out to me is don’t play guys going into the weekend with an illness. They are dehydrated and weak. Evans in week 1, Lockett in week 13. Dude was throwing up on the sideline. Pats defense had the flu and got wasted in Houston.
  8. QB Kyler Murray RB Alvin Kamara RB Aaron Jones WR Davante Adams WR Mike Evans WR Lockett/DJ Moore TE Howard/Hockenson/Hollister/Higbee K Butker Def Patriots I was ranked #1 every week by fantasy pros. I was ranked #1 ROS every week by fantasypros. Lost last 4 weeks with barely getting to 100 points in a ppr league. Missed playoffs by 1 game.
  9. I drafted Kamara, OJ Howard, Mayfield. Frustrating year to say the least. For those that don’t think Kamara has been a bust your kidding yourselves. He was a top 4 pick. Dude had 1 game over 20 points. You have to get big production from your top pick to compete. Look at McCaffrey. He must be hurt. He doesn’t look explosive at all. He doesn’t even get open on screens. .
  10. I would start Doyle too but I have Hollister.
  11. I'm playing him this week after sitting him last. So what does that mean, this week Higbee bombs.
  12. They are not a 9-3 team. They are terrible When facing good defenses. You can sugar coat it by saying he is 9-3, but they need more offense.
  13. Why does it have to be 40 points or 4. What is with this situation? Look at someone like Ekeler. They throw him the ball and he makes plays. Why can't the Packers do something like that for this guy. He is the best player they have on offense. USE HIM.
  14. How amazing is it that 3 weeks ago the guy goes down in the SF game. We all had a heart attack because we needed him. And as it turns out I would have made the playoffs if he actually sat out. I lost the last 2 games by single digit points and my backup wr would have gotten those points. Incredible. Fantasy football is pure evil.
  15. How can you possibly think about playing this guy. He's had 4 catches in the last 3 games.
  16. Zero catches for Lockett in 1st half. Thats 1 total in 6 quarters.
  17. I’m sick of Lockett. Ok he got injured, i get it. Then sit out. Now your sick. THEN SIT OUT if your not gonna do anything.
  18. I remember all those play action passes that Lockett ended up taking to the house. When I played against him of course. Dude has 1 catch in the last 2 games.
  19. He's the 5th highest wr in scoring. What a joke. The dude has 3 top 10 finishes this year. He has been below a wr3 in 8 weeks. 8 weeks out of 12 he has been a bust.
  20. Please Hollister, can I get 10 points from my TE. First time all year. Need it.
  21. I'm down 24 with Lockett and Hollister to play, BUT I could have played Higbey instead of Hollister and DIDN'T. Damn it.....