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  1. Most common league is 12 teamer. Of course in a 14+ league thybulle is gonna be valuable lol
  2. Point is he won't get that consistency this year. J rich needs to be out of the rotation at least. Sure embiids injured.. but for 2 weeks? He's not going to find any sort of consistency this year imo. Maybe i'm wrong. I don't see him anything other than a stream in 12 leagues and smaller.
  3. Yeah i have nerlens rostered as well. Sucks for adams. He was trending up. Hopefully its something short term.
  4. I play multiple competitive 9 cat leagues. 2 steals and 3 blocks is nothing when the next two games he gives you 0 steals and 0 blocks. You're acting like he's getting stocks the way he does in COLLEGE! He aint averaging no 2 blocks and 3 steals.. matter fact a collective 5-6 stocks is rare.. like the isaacs, drummonds, and ADS rare. He has potential but hes a raw rookie whos deep enough in the rotation where he won't do that consistently this year...
  5. yall condescending tone isn't the greatest. lmao I play in super competitive leagues. Thybulles potential is there but he isn't no roco. He has the potential to be sure.. but he doesn't have a big enough role to do that and is too raw right now to sustain it. He'll just as easily have a game where he picks up 5 fouls and give you a steal and 2 turnovers and go 0-3 from the line. He's potentially 1.4 steal guy with .7 blocks with his role this year. His stock potential is outrageous but when he doesn't do much of anything else it's no different then bojan going off for 35 0 0 0 0. When he hits threes consistently and is a sure fire part of the rotation then sure run don't walk. But that's not what we're going to see this year. You should look at players like nerlens instead.. who has the same stock potential but doesn't hurt you anywhere else.
  6. yall get so went over 2 steals 3 blocks and nuthin else lmaoo
  7. He's on the wire. His boost in threes, efficiency, and assists is enticing. Is he worth an add in a couple weekS?
  8. hold or a drop? If he was on a team with no talent he could be good.. but deaarron fox and hield take too many shots as is.. don't think he'll have the usage.
  9. i'm just waiting for one of these guys to start. Like hartenstein next to capela wouldve been a nice experiment. ugghhh