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  1. what do you guys think about draymond if hes on the wire?
  2. hes a really good player. All these dummies say hes a good fantasy player but bad player in real life... he straight up guarded embiid 1 on 1 and blocked him clean... and followed that up with a three in embiids face.. come on now.
  3. his minutes getting up to the 30s.. if these minutes are consistent hes a pick up imo
  4. in 10 minutes 7 points 5 rebounds 1 block? I'm coo with that lol
  5. So no rose. Its literally him and knight.. is he a pick up?
  6. I'm just excited to see what he does with drummond reggie gone.
  7. 19 9 5 3 1 and scoring 2 points in the 4th cause d rose was on fire. This dude is an auto top 40 pick next year if he keeps the starting job.
  8. Got injured the moment he came in. Didn't touch the ball really. Had 9 clutch points in the 4th. I would've imagined a line like 14 6 1 1 if he didn't miss some of the game early on.
  9. Its either him or Cam. If you can pick both up.
  10. Between CAm and Dario Im gonna go Cam. Dropped my worst player for Dario initially but then dropped dario for Cam. He's as tall as Oubre and the suns were confidently starting bridges + oubre at the 3-4. I think it can work, especially since he's such a threat from 3. good luck guys