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  1. I wonder if teams want to see who may opt out before signing him.
  2. Negativity doesn’t bother me, it’s not vetted and there’s no accountability.
  3. I think that message needs to be heavily amended in the social media age.
  4. Unfortunate but true. it’s amazing really. Baseball had a chance to really reel people in with quick action, but instead football will roll out as usual and clinch their market share even more.
  5. I think 2020 is done. At best we get like a WBC round robin tournament (which would be fun), but I don’t see any kind of actual season happening.
  6. You have a broad definition of rookie.
  7. I don’t know how Ryquell isn’t the #1 sleeper heading into the season. Fournette isn’t going to play a down for Jax this year, they hate each other. That leaves Armstead and Ozigbo right now, and I feel pretty good about Armstead getting most of the touches. The OL sucks but this is a volume game.
  8. It’s possible but some top velocity guys are still dominating. I just think more that Kershaw is an all timer and adjusted how he pitches to match his current skill set. If you look at the top 10 ERA, I don’t see a correlation so much between high velocity and low velocity as much as seeing a bunch of guys who have always known how to pitch. There’s a lot of Cy Young winners in the top 10 of ERA right now.
  9. If Shane Greene gets his feet back under him, he might just take the job. I’d assume it’s fluid, but Greene has been awful so far.
  10. What’s cooler than being cool?! ALON-SOOO alright alright alright alright alright.
  11. My problem is the same, but kind of the opposite. I don’t want to trade away pieces for rentals, but f’ing Craig Kimbrel was available and all it took was money and they let him go to another team. That’s infuriating. The payroll is lower than last year, and they’re almost already operating on surplus value for the Albies and Acuna contracts. Those two will end up providing $200M in surplus value over the next decade, and you can’t grab Kimbrel? Go sign some people.
  12. The point should be to win games and make the playoffs.
  13. I thought that was strange too. As long as he plays 10 out in the OF the remainder of the season, I suppose I don’t care.