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  1. Yea he def would go off on those teams but I think he can be productive on Celtics. Possibly Top 50. Hayward needs time to come back and they need Tatum scoring. I also think they know he’s the future and make efforts to get him the ball.
  2. Still worth the hold in a 10 team ? Seems like a lot with them being cautious and the supposed “restrictions”? Just curious on what others think.
  3. Is now a good time to stash in ten teams ? Do you think his rebounding numbers will go up ?
  4. Would you drop him for Marquese Chriss?
  5. Whats his upside looking like with all this mess going on with his minutes? Im trying to hold in a ten team because bigs are hard to find.
  6. Anyone worried about his minutes situation? Was thinking about making the swap by dropping WCS because like Ive been reading his upside could be crazy but its so cluttered.
  7. Team kyrie porzingas Aaron gordon oladipo Tj warren THJ jeff teague draymond green Josh Richardson prince ingles DSJ
  8. On top of that his teammates are selfish as hell. There were so many times he would cut or pop out off a screen and be wide open and there was so much 1 on 1 basketball. It was aggravating.