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  1. I don't know, he might still get the full 25. There is no news about it recently. Hopefully, we will know more by next week.
  2. Most minutes for the team so far. Matchup favors him very well.
  3. 16/7 with 2 3s would be a nice tempered expectation at WAS pace where they score and give up 140 PTS a game.
  4. Roto blurb says: "Danuel House (illness) will come off the bench for Thursday's game in Toronto. He's back from a two-game absence, but it sounds like Mike D'Antoni is going to try and limit his minutes with the bench role, making him an undesirable DFS target. He's safe to fire up in all season-long settings, though. Ben McLemore figures to get another start, but he's not all that attractive with House active."
  5. Packaged Evan + Lauri for JJJ + House, currently losing that trade though.
  6. Maybe this is the shakeup their coach was talking about? I will take the 2 3s and 2 BLKs though.
  7. It's ok, you just need to admit to your mistakes. Do not be sorry, be better. :)
  8. Ayton thread getting hot worried me. I thought he got injured somehow. 20/10 2 BLKs and good %s would be my expectations.