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  1. I hate this. Cook is on the Fantasy MVP voting list this season, that's how amazing he's been. And now we don't know what to expect in a dream matchup... I will debate starting him AND Mattison together all week and hate myself for it. Ugh.
  2. Goedert perfect backup if waiting until MNF, I don't mind Ellison (if healthy) or even Kaden Smith too. Welcome back Engram!
  3. Unless your team is complete 💩 by Week 16, can't trust him. Maybe if your league goes until Week 17, then I could see it.
  4. *Taps Mic* This thing on? Fantasy playoffs have begun...MNF game so I just hope his status is updated by then.
  5. Tyler Lockett comes to mind. I have both 😂 it's great fun and I go through a whole TUMS bottle per week. Needless to say, they feel due when its about to matter most.
  6. Ugh. Going to stress about starting Penny at Flex all week now over WR3s. Will be fun heartburn, but a good problem to have I guess...
  7. Cook is a beast, but I'm worried one small hit and he unexpectedly sits with game in hand vs. Lions next week. Not benching Cook though, but just scared now. As a Mattison owner too, hoping for something definitive. Tempted to start both, but that's a dumb idea.
  8. Vikings D against the Lions accountant doubling as QB, in Minnesota!
  9. I didn't have a chance to see how Lockett looked yesterday. Was there any visible limitations from the leg injury? If he's healthy, you can't worry about a down game. Dude is a WR1 this season. Russ is an MVP candidate and WR can be a volatile position if your name isn't Michael Thomas.
  10. Dropped him yesterday thinking there is no way I would start him Week 14 unless he played Week 13 and did well...and no way I play him Week 15 vs. Pats. All of this especially because of Ryan Findlay. Dalton is back, and now watch AJG miraculously heal. He looked great with Dalton in pregame warmups yesterday...
  11. I don't think the news today of AJ Green being ruled out changes if you should hold/drop him because he was 99%+ going to be out anyway... That being said, I don't get why Cincy didn't either trade AJG or at least put him on IR?? It's so odd.
  12. Obvious hold, just want him back for the fantasy playoffs. Seemed optimistic and shed the boot, so maybe 50/50 or better next week but please please please please for the love of God come back for the fantasy playoffs on MNF against the Eagles Wk 14 🙏
  13. I would be shocked if the Bengals don't announce something about him not playing the rest of the season by this week or next. Holding him every week is torture and wasting my IR spot while other guys could be had. Just need some CLOSURE! Cmon @Bengals
  14. If Lenny goes down, go down sooner than later please. Nothing is more annoying than a dud in a playoff week due to a mid-game injury.
  15. Any news?? Waivers run tonight, need to know if Slayon or Shephard are worth that juicy Weeks 14-16 schedule.
  16. Stupid ESPN doesn't let you cut bench players who already played so my only option was Davante Adams (can't cut list) or cut Woods. Had to cut him for Demarcus Robinson in a must-win. Dear God I hope this works out.
  17. 6.7 PPR pts from Demarcus Robinson. Stupid Robert Woods surprise smh I had to drop Woods in ESPN bc bench locked completely...need this win!
  18. There's no way I can start him this week. Starting Mostert over him. We've reached the lowest of the low. 😞
  19. Totally blew it on the Browns D last night. Was too scared. Now its down to: Redskins D vs. Jets Indy D vs. Jags I know I know, Jets suck, but defense is all about Sacks, INTs, TDs, Points Allowed and it feels like Redskins-Jets will just be a fast game of running and done with. Haskins scares me as he can put them in terrible field position (Jets D looked good last week). Brissett is safer and who knows what Foles will do? He could be a TO machine. Idk
  20. Waller alone could do it since he needs something now. If he wants TE and QB, I'd offer Waller and Goff definitely (Goff will suck this week), but Waller and Ryan works too. You have Lamar freaking Jackson...you don't need Matt Ryan or Goff IMO. Make those spots handcuff heavy and enjoy winning your league.
  21. Chubb for sure. He's a gamer and can break one at any time. He's still the stud you drafted him to be. With the others, you are going with some non-guaranteed fortune.
  22. Juju, Ekler, Deebo. I hate all the other matchups.
  23. Fuller! Much more fireworks in that game. I think it will be a Lamar vs. Watson classic QB duel. Rudolph truly sucks and it's a low o/u in that game. Go Fuller, easy.
  24. Cook, not close. Ed Dickson is back for the Seahawks. Cook is the main man and Saints will throw a ton.
  25. Definitely do this. Theilen is in a much better situation IMO. Plus, if he keeps sitting, he can't get hurt anytime soon like Juju can. Theilen will be fresh for the playoffs.