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  1. Can't wait until the ASB where Mitch breaks out again... hopefully 😭
  2. R.I.P. My 2nd favorite player behind T-Mac. More devastating too after finding out there were a few kids on board. Couldn't imagine what I'd do if I lost my daughters to anything...
  3. I picked up Furkan too. Go with Thybulle if you need stocks, Furkan if you need 3's and scoring.
  4. JRich. Otto is a lost cause this season, even when he was playing. JRich was heating up before getting injured. And even with a full healthy Sixers team, he was producing solid numbers.
  5. I just traded him. Thank me later guys when he goes off tonight. Took one for the team.
  6. He's probably playing in a public random league with a bunch of teams with their names spelled like "KoBeDaGrEaT6969".
  7. Are you playing in the same league as the guy who hasn't accepted the Adams trade?
  8. Weak a** league if you have someone offering Adams for your OG 😂
  9. You're really hesitating someone offering Kemba for either your Oubre or Roco? Accept that ASAP and hope it doesn't get vetoed. Regardless of playoff schedules, you accept that deal. I wouldn't even bat an eye if someone offered both Roco and Oubre for my Kemba.
  10. 2020-2021: Knicks have signed Millsap/Favors/Ibaka to max contracts.
  11. Need the trade deadline to hurry up and come so we can all decide if we're holding or dropping 😅
  12. I don't know, I'd probably take a trade of Brogdon for Mitch if I was offered that 😅
  13. I'm sure Brogdon being out 2 weeks during that span resulted in his monthly rank of 190.