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  1. Good luck guys. Dropped him for RJ Barrett. I'm locked in the playoffs without a bye week, so I can't depend on this guy next week with only 2 games and uncertainty that he's even playing.
  2. First time I owned this guy and felt good about it seeing on how he played 79+ games the last 4 seasons. PISSING ME OFF lol.
  3. Why would it not bode well for Holmes? Do we even know if it's the same type of shoulder injury?
  4. Why are you mad? Spida is a top 40 asset easily. Dipo can be once he shakes off the rust and Nance has been solid lately. Now if it was Mitch Robinson, then yeah I'd agree but this trade isn't as bad as you're making it out to be.
  5. They're the new Knicks except with better bigs.
  6. This is how it feels if the G-League had fantasy basketball.
  7. The problem with the wait and see approach is that there's someone else willing to add preemptively. So if he does indeed pan out, no chance to grab him. Just hope whoever adds him early isn't dropping anyone of value (Like myself) lol.
  8. Actually guys the coast is not clear yet. Casey could still start Thon Maker 😅
  9. Prime Saric in Philly was a mid-round pick not too long ago...
  10. My wishes: TT, Wood, Drummond (Likely not), or Olynyk going to the Rockets. Reality: Mahinmi, Biyombo, Len, or Taj Gibson 😭