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  1. Yup I was, just got called "ridiculous" for it tho
  2. You're thinking of Clyde Edwards-Helaire
  3. Just personally not a huge fan of his career arc at the moment, age 30 entering a season with added defensive focus, first season not staying healthy, new offensive coordinator and I personally think Jefferson will be better in year one than Diggs was last year. I also get a little wary of guys who had to spend 5 or so years climbing up to WR1 status and then have setbacks. If they were truly outstanding athletes they wouldn't be so reliant on mastering the craft and the technique and they'd be busting out early on. I feel like those guys have more of a cliff than the elite performers who are elite their whole careers.
  4. His replacements name is Raymond Calais. RoJo-Vaughn 1A and B Calais 3 Dare not making the team
  5. Guys flying under the radar that aren't young or sexy rarely finish as WR1s.
  6. Who is left as a goal line RB that could pose a threat though? Maybe a last minute training camp cut but other than that there isn't much to threaten Sanders right now.
  7. They didn't sign Hyde. Doesn't look like they'll sign Devonta Freeman. Who else is left that's remotely threatening?
  8. I was able to steal Mattison from a cuffer last year and literally traded him for the Bills defense, thought I was super smart grabbing Mike Boone for the Superbowl. Turns out that wasn't smart at all.
  9. History of Chiefs RB forum flames: Thomas Jones v. Jamaal Charles Jamaal Charles v. Spencer Ware Spencer Ware v. Kareem Hunt Damien Williams v. Nobody Damien Williams v. Clyde Edwards-Helaire Challenger won every time
  10. Andy Reid doesn't have a history of wasting RB talent. Quite the opposite, he has a history of creating elite RB1s with high catch totals. He was only forced to use a committee recently because he had little choice with the lack of talent on the roster. Before DW was on the Chiefs, he hadn't had a single season averaging over 4 yards per carry. DW has only one season with more than 50 rushing attempts in a 6 year career. He's started only 13 of 85 career games, including only 9 of 27 for the Chiefs. Was an afterthought on the offense until Kareem Hunt was cut, Kareem Hunt who was drafted a full 2 rounds later than Edwards-Helaire. Edwards-Helaire was called by Joe Burrow the best player he's ever played with, a group which includes Chase Young, Ja'Marr Chase, Ezekiel Elliott, Michael Thomas, Justin Jefferson, Terry McLaurin, Dwayne Haskins, Parris Campbell, K'Lavon Chaisson, Nick and Joey Bosa, Denzel Ward, Jeff Okudah, Patrick Queen, Kristian Fulton, Grant Delpit, Devin White, Greedy Williams, and Marshon Lattimore. Edwards-Helaire was the first guy Mahomes mentioned wanting to draft when asked who he wanted to play with, saying “I think the first thing that stood out from Clyde is when the competition and the games got bigger, it seemed like he played better". It's not hard to see why QBs like playing with Edwards-Helaire, since he's great at reading gaps, creates ankle breaking lateral movement that makes offenses unpredictable, and can take shotgun reps to the house. DW's fantasy outlook has always been about opportunity and scheme. Now his opportunity is drying up quickly, all DW owners have left to hang their hat on is a modest 5 game stretch of good play from over a year ago, in a system where any capable back could have succeeded. That's not going to be remembered for much longer.
  11. He got a bargain basement contract because he's not a good player
  12. Lotta talk about them signing Hyde but they haven't signed Hyde🤔
  13. Why even bother to make a list like this? You clearly don't think CEH is going to be joining it after not holding off a former UDFA who's never broken 500 rushing yards playing on a 1.8 million dollar base salary. Do you? Burrow called CEH the best player he's ever played with.
  14. I don't think Taysom Hill is a good QB. But I do think that he's going to have increased usage as a gadget player, and that the league is already starting to draft copycat Taysom Hills (Antonio Gibson, Jalen Hurts, Lynn Bowden Jr.). In my deep dynasty league I'm betting that this is the start of a new trend. How good does your QB play need to be in fantasy when you're eligible at TE?
  15. Jordan Love is super humble though.