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  1. You probably didn't believe in him to begin with, or own him, and you're definitely not going to be getting his top 5 wr season next year. I'll take him over Hopkins.
  2. anyone else have ESPN tack on an extra two glitch touchdowns after the game was over? Their stat glitches are really awful
  3. If you have Boone and Mattison and Mattison is ruled active, which guy do you throw in there?
  4. There was a guy on this forum who was trying to get me to CONVINCE him to pick up Mixon from WAIVERS😂
  5. Lol who would have ever thought at the beginning of the year that we'd be talking about double coverage for Breshad Perriman
  6. I also wanna vote for Hollywood Brown for dominating week one in Rookie MVP fashion and then crapping the bed for the rest of the year with the best QB in the league right after I traded for him
  7. If Mattison can get healthy next week looking like a title week RB1. Anyone know whats up?
  8. k well. I'll let someone else pay a super high price for him next year. Wasn't a bad pick though.
  9. Maybe not bust of the year but David Montgomery has cost me several games and was also straight painful to watch trying to run power in the shotgun formation over and over. Nagy is clueless.
  10. I really don't think he even has bust potential anymore. Not with Tannehill as the top rated QB in yards per dropback in the entire league and definitely not with Humphries sidelined.
  11. I think Lamar is the exception to the "don't take a QB early" rule. And by exception I mean only him and Michael Vick are the exceptions ever. He's essentially a low end RB1 on top of a QB.
  12. The doom and gloom is an anti-jinx technique