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  1. I'm personally thinking about the idea of starting Gallup over Cooper? If Cooper is in fact not 100% then that would help explain why Gallup has been on an upswing the past couple games. I'd love for Cooper to be at full health, but if he was battling a knee injury on Sunday afternoon and just being a decoy then I don't know what will change by Thursday afternoon.
  2. Yeah, I should have started with my concern is mainly just this week since it's the Panthers. He'll be a rock in my lineup the rest of the year but his recent performance against Carolina is what's scaring me off a bit. Man, I wish I was playing the league taco this week but I'm in a matchup for 1st place.
  3. The biggest problem I'm having with Evans is that he's turned completely boom or bust. You don't want to bench him and miss the 30 point games, however his floor is pretty much 0 like we saw last week. For example, I have Tevin Coleman that I could put in my flex where I know I'll get at least 9-10 points but probably not more than 15. Do I take the safe play or swing for the fences with Evans? I probably won't be able to decide until 5 minutes before the early London kickoff.
  4. To give you guys an idea on trade value, someone in my league just offered me Julio for Adrian Peterson. Not sure if I'm going to accept it or not with the way the Falcons have been using (or mis-using) Julio.