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  1. I won’t lie to you, this is def a concern of mines. Just gotta play it by ear.
  2. Does anybody feel like he’s going to have a Great second half? Same way rookie guards usually have up and down 1st half and then more steady production down later stretch of season? His ups and down already been pretty valuable...feel like there’s another gear he can kick in to...we seen glimpses of it through these bigger lines. It pays to have patience with rookies with upside.
  3. So far so gd, just need that icing on the cake: Yahoo lemme get that C eligibility!
  4. That is damage control trades scenarios, think long term...if they don’t want a headache down the line ahem....during playoffs, they’d opt and go this route, your not dealing with typical a situation here, he was out indefinitely/was considering surgery before these cortisol shots. Honestly who the hell knows how long the effects will hold up. We could very well be back at square one in couple wks. I prob wouldn’t trade him in this scenario, but I wouldn’t be mad at all if ppl started shipping him out. Personally would be looking at something like Kyrie + trade kicker piece for anybody in 3rd rd ish value. (which I high doubt anybody “competent” would fall for anyways lol)
  5. Wood/Sekou getting all the love/hype and my man djj quietly flying under radar lol
  6. Was dropped in couple of my 12 teamers for hot I would imagine there’s gotta be way better option in 10 teamer.... it would only get worst with Brogdon/Dipo back too
  7. Sick combo of 3/boards/steals...with opportunity now, can’t ask much more from a WW guy when taking a flier. If WCS and Looney are only competition, I like his ROS trajectory (just have to avoid Warriors trading for or receiving any bigs back in any trade scenario)
  8. Man, the crazy things is I remember when Holmes first emerge in Philly during his earlier years, he did indeed shoot some treys, he wasn’t bombing from deep like Steph, but they were def in the repertoire. Wonder what happened here. He stopped shooting them completely.
  9. Geez it’s always something with this guy 😖 Let me guess, next game.... Malcom Brogdon - Questionable (Bubble guts)
  10. I know not everyone has it, but BBM’s user poll/player comment sections are really the gold standard for quick fantasy advice imo. I usually go to if I need a quick consensus for whatever move/trade I’m doing.
  11. I’ve been without my 1st rd pick for so damn long, essentially I adapted and moved back of my mind not even expecting him back. Wow reading that update feels like Christmas in July.
  12. I’m convinced your a troll account lol
  13. Or those who bought low in trades couple weeks ago. Dumped Aaron Gordon for him and it freakin feels so gd seeing him back on track...
  14. Even if Graham **** the bed 7-8 games straight I’ll never complain...was a WW add that exceeded all expectations...held my team down for half a season. Would be a sad quiet drop lol...but would never bitch or complain.