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  1. You sound like a legit, A+ commish....very fair, systematic, and even compassionate way of looking at current situation. Respects.
  2. Ok, I kind of encountered a tricky situation with regards to splitting the pot for playoffs bound team. If we are to do the total split between the top 6 seeds..which standings do we go by? Last official league standings or the current Live Standings that would account for the current week’s match up that is left in limbo ?! 6th and 7th seed are literally neck and neck. And there is an argument breaking out, if we go by normal standings 6th seed would be safe, if we go by Live standings, he’s knocked out. Both guys arguing...and I can honestly see the argument to each side, due to week 21 matchup left undecided right now. Thoughts?
  3. Have seen 2-3 dead bottom seeded team popping up in group chats asking for refunds lmao. We talking...had no chance at PO since like December asking for money back smh
  4. I feel ya. It sucks but every league is diff, abide by rules, diff commish. In leagues where commish isn’t addressing this, best believe I’m right there with the wolves lol
  5. I woke up and saw the 10th seed who has no way in hell back into p/o just added KD/Isaacs/Oubre . It amusing more then anything for this league specifically lol. But def highlights the problem of not locking down rosters at the moment, if this was a Playoffs bound team, this would throw **** completely off balanced.
  6. Thanks bro! I was on my phone looking all over for this option, makes sense it would be desktop.
  7. Are u on yahoo? How exactly do you lock/freeze league transaction? Asking as a Commish looking to possibly do this
  8. If I was in the final 4 bracket I wouldn’t be mad at this at all. Truly only fair way.
  9. Damn rounding back into form at the most crucial time....pls ride this momentum for ROS Dipo.
  10. Minor Sprained knee capsule, will be evaluated next wk. f***kkk. PO starts for most of us next wk
  11. They are hinting he may play both b2b games. Which speaks volumes to Holmes work ethic. He prob never let up and was keeping his condition tip top this whole time (weight room reports couple wks back). Bigs who come back after an extended break usually always go thru a rusty period of poor conditioning...*cough* Embiid *cough*, if he’s ready for both sat/sun games this might not be so bad with Holmes
  12. My rule of thumb when fighting for my fantasy life in playoffs: even grandma can get dropped lol Stream now, figure the rest later
  13. So what’s the average time out for a concussion/how long takes to clear the nba concussion protocol ?
  14. MDA really is the ultimate fantasy whisperer. Bet he can throw the arena janitor in there and have him splashing 3s 😂
  15. Im always curious when I see players that shouldn’t be on WWs that are, who was he dropped for?