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  1. Must own even when Harden and Westbrook comes back, Houston will need him to spread the floor. Seems like the injury is finally behind him. Not an owner but great to see him back as a basketball fan.
  2. Dunn nothing but stuff the stat sheet. FG 60%, FT 85%, 1 3PM, 5.5 REB 4.0 ASST 2.5 STL 0.3 BLKS 12.3 PTS on 1.5 TO the last 7 games. Keeps you competitive in the STL cat no doubt. Loving how he has expanded his skill set this year and contributing in multi-cats.
  3. With the Wiz being far from playoff contention do Beal owners worry that he may get shutdown?
  4. Iono, I'm just grasping for a reason for his recent FG% slump. Def off from the 3.
  5. Apparently his knee is a problem, not the thigh... Could explain why he hasn't shot right lately.
  6. The fact that people are dropping Holmes is straight up disrespect to what he has proven this year. At his peak he actually broke top 12 and stayed there in 9 cats. He then continued to hover around top 30. He is close to returning, pick him up if he is on your waivers. Been riding high on Holmes since Oct and never got off the train.
  7. This was my reason to move him. I rather get a player that can give me a x-4-4 since my league has a BYE. You should be able to get someone good in return.
  8. Before Holmes went down with the shoulder injury he was starting to co-exist with Bagley with solid ROS lines.
  9. Right before this cold streak he was putting up efficient lines WHILE getting contested. It's balancing out the way I look at it. It's obviously disappointing but you need to take the bad with the good. Yes I would love to see cooking Harden again but with the way the teams are throwing double teams at him you will need to give Rockets time to work through it. He passes to open players but they just don't knock down the shots this year. PJ and Gordon still finding their strokes.
  10. Come on guys, you didn't draft him for his elite FG% or low TO rate. If you did you ain't playing fantasy ball right.
  11. Patience paid off on this guy. SHOULD'T be on ANY wires. History of injury risk but you won't find a guy like him this late into the season. Enjoy the ride ROS.
  12. Uh Kyrie is round 1, Porzingus is top 40? Come on now.