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  1. That would be data I would love to see. Anybody know if it's even possible to obtain this?
  2. If we are talking about basketball it seems like the Rockets have kinks to work out as a team. Without a traditional center you get ugly games like this. His step back 3s has definitely been less reliable this year but you can say it's due to the way teams defend him. From a fantasy perspective, his FG and TO sucks, but most people drafted him knowing those will be his weak points. When he is efficient and protecting the rock it's a nice bonus but definitely not expected on a week to week basis. Feel free to vent about your number 1 player though. Sometimes there's just nothing to complain about when you are sitting in first place. 😆
  3. Yes. Did we forget Holmes numbers before he went down with injuries? Before Bagley came back, he crushed it. Bagley came back, he continued to crush it. Holmes is safe in the Kings lineup when healthy.
  4. Lol yet no Harden owner would trade for West 1:1.
  5. Simmons need to stop being stubborn and work on developing a jump shot so Embiid can feast.
  6. What a ride for Kyrie owners this season. Def had his ups and downs. It was fun to own him when he played and that's all you can ask for in fantasy. Can't hate on the guy considering you drafted him knowing he is a glass cannon. At the end of the day, he is human and injuries happen. Wishing him the best and hopefully he can come back and prove himself next season. I won't reach for him but I can see myself taking him without hesitation if he falls into the 3rd round next year.
  7. Re-aggravating the shoulder without practice doesn't sound good...
  8. Hold that move until after ASB. Alot can happen in the 10 days.
  9. I can only see him as being a streamer but until the team gets their guys back he is worth the flier on 12 teams and a possible hold in 14 teams. But I'm pretty sure there are others on your waiver wire that have higher ceilings.
  10. Before the Drum trade he proved he was a valuable asset on the court. Actually gave us top 60 value during his month stretch. And he was able to play with Love without any issue. At that time he was playing better than TT and took the minutes. He also played some decent teams during that stretch (Raps & Clips). If given the minutes Nance can ball regardless of the team.
  11. His track records shows he can give you 1st round value when he plays. It is unfortunate he is getting hit by the injury bug. Even though he is back, no doubt in my mind, the left hand brace is affecting his play. Once that is healed I expect him to crunch the #s we are use to seeing. Nothing against you but if I had the playoffs secured I would not trade him away for Tatum and Green.
  12. Def a good pickup until Chef Curry is back.