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  1. It would still help...turn a fringe WR2/3 to a high end WR2
  2. For sure. An AJ Green trade couldn't hurt as well...
  3. The Bell signing obviously broke twitter
  4. First practice of the week as well. Will be telling tomorrow.
  5. I’m putting 47%. Think he might be one of the last big claims of the season
  6. If they are a smart owner, they wouldn't do that
  7. Mixon is the one glaring whole on my roster now, which is ironic because he was my 1st round pick. The big issue is that you can't get any value in a trade and he stuill gets 17-20 touches a week. You don't find that often. I think we just sit on it. What RB's would you straight up try and get? Kareem Hunt range?