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  1. You and me are in similar boats....LETS GOOOOOO WENTZ
  2. Lets just pray we get some positive Pete Carroll comments today..
  3. Not a fun predicament with playoffs in two weeks...
  4.'s about to be bailing time. Who y'all rolling with now...
  5. I just dropped my 1st round pick before Week 11 is over...
  6. BINGO. We are just holding out. Hope eveeryone has had a blast piecing together the QB ppositon the past few weeks...
  7. Lost by 1.3 due to Maher's 16 points...ahhhh
  8. I need less <13, I'm fine with the 9-12 range for you haha
  9. I'm with you except I need him <13.... Lets still root on together!
  10. IT'S EATING TIME FOR DEVIN!!!!! Late season high end RB2??????
  11. Game script was awful for Ekeler and he still came away with 12 1/2 ppr points. I'm fine with it.
  12. Hit on Carson for sure - took him in the 3rd EVERYWHERE. Hit on John Brown - took him in the 9th/10th EVERYWHERE. Hit on Pats D - drafted them nearly everywhere in the 14th. Hit on avoiding Mixon. Missed on Kupp - did not think he'd be back like this. Missed on OJ - didn't draft him, but if I had missed Kittle, I would've targeted him