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  1. Actually now looking at MIN at home against Mike Glennon.
  2. 5 left in my pool. 4 have SEA remaining, everyone has LV, 4 have MIA. I think the smart choice is the auto-win...between SEA and MIA
  3. Those 4 catches downfield were very impressive. One ended up essentially winning the game for San Fran...
  4. He injured his foot/ankle in the late 3rd / early 4th? Came back in. Then went back out. OR maybe I'm just crazy...
  5. Definitely, but what about for a non-Carson owner? I might see it through one week.
  6. I have Seattle and Miami on my board left.
  7. Panthers fan here.... He was actually running really well last week. The thumb injury took him out of 2 drives and Panthers O couldn't get many red zone oppurtunities. I'll be firing him up against the league's WORST run D.
  8. Yeah, I checked out the same thing. ARod is playing elite level football. Already matched his TD's from last season. He's on a tear.