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  1. Thanks!! This gives me loads of comfort, my friend gave me crap for making the trade, but my mindset was.. I needed some assists from a C eligible player and I could afford to give up some points since I was able to compete in the point and 3 category with AG, Booker and THJ injured.
  2. Thats true, thanks for your input! Given the fact that I’m looking for a bit more assists, I may consider Horford, and it seems like these guys are close in value at the moment.
  3. I don’t play roto so it’s a bit harder for me to make a confident suggestion, but I think given your circumstances. I believe Horford holds a lot of extra value since he doesn’t hurt you anywhere at all. Lowry concerns me a bit since he tends to have a decline after allstar break. i think I would hold in Roto? But once again. I’m not confident in that decision because I don’t play roto.
  4. I think WCS is going to be a headache with Sac’s front office. I woulrdn’t want him. With that said though Pau’s also a bit of a headache with his PT constantly fluctuating. And he even might lose more as Leonard gets into full swing. What I think it’ll come down to is HB or Thad. Who’s the more valuable. If you want stronger %’s and points, I would take HB side, if you want more steals, then go Thad. hope that helped!!
  5. Thanks for your 2c . As long as they’re being viewed closely in value currently, then whether or not Love sees a regression with IT coming back to the mix is less of an issue.
  6. Yeah I would take Westbrook as well, BUT only if you’re willing to punt FG% and TO’s on a regular basis. I like having an extra streaming spot open too.
  7. You not concerned at all with IT’s return? They’re overall putting up close to the same value but Love’s value comes from points/boards/3’s and Horford’s value comes spread across the board.
  8. Teo’s still getting his legs under him. I own him in all my leagues and I’m giving him at least a couple more weeks before he’s a cut candidate. Canaan is probably going to decline so he’s my drop for sure. And I would look at Biyombo for the short term since Vuc is out for awhile, but long term I think Smart is fine season long value. And if his shot comes along, easily too 100. Thanks for help on my thread!
  9. I don’t think so... Giannis for sure is fine, yes CP3 can be considered injury prone, but if that scares you I’d try to flip him when he comes back. I’m not concerned about a shutdown especially with the rockets trying to compete for a title.
  10. Hart for sure, and if you’re not punting fg% then I would actually cut Cannon over Smart. Smart’s defensive numbers and assists/boards (from a G position) is really valuable.
  11. Mitchell. No doubt.
  12. Dragic and Lou for Bled is close for me I don’t think I’m too worried about injury concerns for me it would be determined who in on your wire. If you got some nice pick ups. I may consider trading up for Bled’s production.
  13. If you’re comfortable on the Assist side without Wall then I’d rather have Butler ORRRR if you’re not constantly winning Assists with Wall, I rather punt assists and go Butler has more to offer.
  14. No I think it’s close enough to be considered a fair trade. Teague SHOULD be the 4th option on the wolves and could manifest 2nd half of the season. Mirotic has been the best if not one of the best performers on the bulls since he returned from injury and COULD continue.
  15. Hi guys, I’m looking to move Love now before IT2 returns. I know it’s not a guarantee that he’ll be reduced to a lesser role when IT2 does return, but Love could be getting extra run because the cavs want more offense/shooting on the floor. I could see Tristan Thompson back in the starting line up once IT2 returns and Love back to the starting PF. This would result in less PT for Love since he wouldn’t be playing as much at Center. And even if he does, his touches will probably drop with IT2 as starting PG. Horford’s role is safe, not sexy like Love’s stat lines can look but Horford I think will be less of a headache. Leave a link!!
  16. Its okay that he’s coming back, I’ve decided it’s probably not my year this year to try and compete. At least not until Fultz and Isaac can show me something. But that’s besides the point. With that said about Wall should I make the move for Turner and Fox OR pick?
  17. Yes I would, Towns is almost 2nd/3rd fiddle now, and if Porzingis can stay healthy he’s number 1. Dragic is also struggling right now but I expect him to turn it around. I’m not crazy about Clarkson, so I don’t know if he can keep it going all season. Please help!
  18. I think so, but not hugely, you might lose some matchups in points moving forward though unless Murray starts lighting it up. Please help!
  19. Hell yeah! Dragic is better than Rondo and I think he’ll be better come season end. Rondo was on my WW until recently, so if he wants Rondo, Tatum, Henson, DONT WALK RUN!!
  20. Thanks for your opinion, really appreciate it. Yeah dynasty is it’s own beast, thank you for taking the time to contribute your thoughts to my trade offer. It’s difficult especially because my team is really struggling in fact I’m actually 12/12 with this team... so I’m hoping to basically try and hit on 2 Top 25 players in Turner and Fox. My thoughts are, predraft Turner was being seen as a top 25 player already as a 21 year old with so much room to grow, and Fox is hard to read as a rookie but it’s in the rookies that give the advantage if you hit on them. Another one of my concerns for Wall thoigh are his knees, he’s required a handful of knee surgeries in his career already, and aside from assists he’s provides some points and defensive stats. If you think of Turner as an C version of Wall, he does give some points albeit less than Wall at the moment, some boards albiet not as many assists in comparison, but defensive stats are comparable on better percentages. If Turner gets better, which he should, considering how young he is, shouldn’t he be relatively close to Wall?
  21. I’d take it for sure. Henson provides very little. You get much more in the realm of defensive stats, your efficiency might go down though. Be prepared to lose FT% more often. Please help!!
  22. Nah. I’m 6th right now in my league. And I have Jokic, Kawhi, Teodosic, Booker, Hardaway, Aaron Gordon, AND Love. I’m not worried but I do have 2 IL slots. More then 2/3 of the season left. Love, Irving and Fournier won’t be out long I think. If you have IL then you should be fine, a little less fine if you don’t but I still think you’re okay, if we get an update on Hardaway that it’ll be “months” rather than weeks then it’s fine to let him go. Please help!!
  23. Milos for sure. He’s a lock for 30 min I think. Please help!!