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  1. Looking for a free H2H cats league ideally on Fantrax. With weekly lineups/moves, 12 teams, and a slow auction draft (auction so much better than snakes)- couchmanagers is the best place to do those (24 players on the board at once with 12 hour timers). If no one has one on here but there is interest, reply here and I can set one up.
  2. Great info thanks. So if you aren't in favour, what would you suggest could be a viable option? Or is there no viable option this year, just to try and get ready for baseball again in 2021? *sighs* Having some baseball available to watch on tv really would make a difference to everyone's morale if they could make it possible.
  3. I don't understand why are those states the ones being mentioned? Why not play much further north? (asking as a UK based baseball fan)
  4. His family would want answers to what exactly happened. He tarnished his legacy by himself with this news, no one did it to him by revealing the truth. Anyone taking drugs and going flying with a family is an irresponsible idiot, just because he's the doc doesn't mean it should be overlooked. Imagine what his family feel, one question "why"? If A-Rod did this his reputation (what's left of it) would be ruined forever. What if doc ended up flying into a passing ship and killing them too? He clearly felt that his homelife with family still wasn't enough for him to get that buzz. I'm sure 99% of baseball fans would've died to have the life he had and not done the stupid thing which ended it. Hopefully Jose's and Doc's tragedy's go to show players how they need to act outside of baseball, as role models of the sport, and these become less common.
  5. Shame about the report, not that it makes much difference now. But shows that sports players need more help when retiring as they are still looking for that "high" that leaving the sports world gave them. Doc clearly had it through flying but took things too far. https://www.fantrax.com/news/mlb/news-headlines/81td7tngk91ul70d
  6. daily or weekly? Slow auction or regular? dan.venables@blueyonder.co.uk
  7. Any auctions around, preferably slow? Thought slow drafts would be in abundance while we wait ages for baseball!
  8. Looking for a slow auction too. Think we should set one up ourselves then guys!!
  9. Interested but would much prefer a slow auction, seeing as we are lightyears away from baseball right now. Couchmanagers is the place to do it, I could even set it up if you don't have a premium account there. If interested in going for that then I'll want in, if not then I don't (I only want an auction): dan.venables@blueyonder.co.uk
  10. Preferably slow auction during this baseball black hole, but would consider regular auctions too. Roto preferably, and no shallow leagues (10-14 teams with around 28 man rosters). Email me if you have a league which sounds suitable: dan.venables@blueyonder.co.uk
  11. One last space, want someone to pay and join the draft right away.
  12. Put a fork in him (if you can find any meat amongst the bone), he's done.