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  1. Had quite a lot of interest, but no one has paid up for the team yet, so it's still available. To clarify money, I've already paid the team up for 2021 and 2022 ($100 each year) . So you'd pay me $200 via Paypal, and then the next payment you'd make to the league wouldn't be until 2022 which is for the 2023 season ($100). And then $100 each year after that. Any interest email me and I can give you more info and a link to the league constitution: dan.venables@blueyonder.co.uk
  2. Forgot to mention also, the league is on Fantrax and we use Premium. For just a few bucks each, it lets us use some different scoring categories like QS+Ws (as one cat), and most importantly it lets us store all minors on our team there which is so handy. The minor league database is huge, so you can add any minor leaguer you want, just like adding an MLB player, and put him into your minors slot, replacing another one. It also lets us show contract details (player salary, years remaining) by each player which is also extremely useful..
  3. I am selling my team in an awesome keeper league, purely due to time constraints. It's the most fun league I've ever played in. Let me know if you've any interest:
  4. I have been part of a great keeper contracts league for the past 3 years. Unfortunately due to time constraints I'm unable to continue in it anymore, as it is a daily league and I only have time for weeklys nowadays. So I want to find a good owner to take over. It's a 12 team Roto auction league with minors system, we keep 9 each year. Keepers are kept by contracts, you can offer 1,2,3 or renewable deals which add $3,$6,$8 or $6 to the players current cost (usually from auction). It is the most fun league I've ever played in by far. The minors draft each year is also a load of fun, and there's a great bunch of guys along with a really dedicated commish. We pay a year in advance to stop the threat of people going all in and then leaving a sinking ship behind. So the cost is $200 ($100 advance, and $100 each year), to reimburse me as I've paid for that. Then in future years it's $100 each year. All entry fees are paid out in winnings. We abandoned this season due to Covid, but have agreed to basically keep most drafted players for 2021 if you wish. So the auction will be a shorter one just for 2021. The good thing is I was a seller in 2019, so my team is ready to compete next year! The rosters are shown here, the team is Yorkshire Rippers (prospects shown further down): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12NklIgbtku6qsQqAiQR2OH354UUwu5YDYGlqAPCADOc/edit#gid=0 If interested please email me. I can then send you a link to check out the league forum we use (for minors draft, and other voting rule changes etc), and put you in contact with the Commish. My email is: dan.venables@blueyonder.co.uk
  5. Which is like saying the wins won't be there if he pitches badly. Fascinating analysis there...how about some insight into what people are actually seeing from him? I've been very impressed. That curve and change look legit, change especially has impressed me. Good heater too and he's throwing strikes. Never expected 2 outings of 6 frames right off the bat, showed great composure with the jump. Just hope he doesn't do TOO well to keep his cost suppressed for next year.
  6. And he was good last year too. People say there's no sleepers nowadays but people really slept on Happ this year. Everything he's doing is showing he's legit. This isn't just a hot streak.
  7. lol soap dish. Well at least it's not on the players side for a change. Better stay away from that crazy woman Marcel. Finally his shoulder looks fully healthy. Add to that a great lineup and he is a force to be reckoned with this year. Wish I had more shares.
  8. Well those dongs ain't arrived. He's barely even worth using in points at this point, just 84 is a garbage return for an everyday regular.
  9. Try telling that to Touki, Kyle Wright etc. Being on a good team for wins is a small detail, the kid needs to pitch well and Anderson is showing very promising signs.
  10. 2nd A-Bomb from A-Bohm . Love the look of this kid. He's got a good swing and an advanced approach along with it. This is the sort of prospect who comes up and can take to the bigs right away.
  11. No1 SP at No2 SP price. HIs curve and change look ridiculous again.
  12. The best? To think it's finally Happening, and yet there is very little excitement on here. Sounds like most people gave up on him this year lol. Shows that prospects can take a year or two to click into gear...
  13. Beat the hapless Royals but I remain doubtful about this kid. He's certainly proving worth starting but his stuff doesn't blow me away. That 30/2 K/BB is ridiculous though so if he keeps throwing strikes he'll remain valuable.
  14. I like the look of this kid. Less hyped than most of the arms coming up this year, but he could be better than most of them.
  15. Is this new Zach Plesac (not the dumbass part) really legit? Basically 2/1 K/BB last year and this year it's 12/1 which is a rather insane jump. Can you really go from a guy who doesn't miss bats to this? Is it his fastball whiff rate that has made the difference? If so that seems questionable to me. If anyone can make this kind of change in a pitcher it's the Indians though, man can they develop pitching...