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  1. No X-man Xavier Edwards at all? Clearly you must be looking at real life baseball over fantasy purposes?
  2. Looking to get more speed and in talks over Tim Anderson ($8) as a 5 cat guy. Been offered: Gallen (prospect) and L Urias (prospect) for T Anderson I would likely keep Anderson 2 years for $14. Gallen and Urias will be eligable for free years as promoted prospects but are unproven particularly Urias. I do like Gallen though so was thinking on countering with McKay? Similar calibre arm but didn't have the same success last year. I really need some more speed which is why I'm interested, it being OBP instead of AVG does ding Anderson a bit though. Thoughts on the offer?
  3. Gallen will cost $0 next year yeah when I promote him. Neris I do consider a keeper (saves cost in this league), and Urias will be kept down on my prospect roster. Its all whether its worth giving up the haul for Albies.
  4. Can only keep 8 and I have about 11 guys I'd like to keep so looking to upgrade a few of them. Been offered this: Gallen (prosp), Neris ($3), Clevinger ($12 thru 2020), L Urias (prosp) FOR (to get) Albies ($6, resignable for e.g $14 thu 2022), Severino ($15, likely sign 1 year deal for $18) The idea is to get Albies, gives me a long term keeper and most importantly a speed option which I desperately lack now. I love Clev and he is the big piece to move, but Sev could be a similar and only slightly costlier replacement if healthy now? Also a fan of Gallen who I would be promoting otherwise, but I understand I have to give up to get what I want. Neris and Urias are decent enough but movable for me. Is it giving up too much or worth the gamble? Will Ozzie start to run more next year and eclipse 20SB's for once? (OBP instead of AVG league).
  5. Have a number of farm players and I'm looking to trade a few excess keepers (can only keep 8 ) to upgrade a prospect or two. Who should be the most movable of these prospects to upgrade? Can someone rank them in terms of value: Adames- will finally need to be promoted- is there potential to grow or is he just a below average bat? B Lowe- showed some good signs along with K's esp against lefties. Won't need to be promoted this season. Larnach- Down power year but long term still bright esp in OBP leagues like mine? L Urias- More potential than Adames long term now he's in Mil? Lack of power he showed does worry me a little as he doesn't run. Can be kept down another year for seasoning. Dustin May- Early prospect ranks really loving the Gingergaard so far. Xavier Edwards- Strong year with good SBs numbers so could be a really valuable fantasy asset in time I feel if he keeps developing.
  6. Is he worth holding for sundays start? Imagine he must be one of their 3 starters should they get in the playoffs.
  7. Didn't think he had another step in him after his rock solid 2018, but he's taken a giant leap forward into acedom now. Adding a few mph of gas has made his heater incredibly wiffable. And that is a rare rare trait. Can see him Buehler, Snell and Flaherty being the top arms in baseball for years to come.
  8. Guess the question is does he get more regular AB's next year as the primary catcher rather than just a split? As he really needs to be playing more than half the games. Hopefully Castro's deal is up and he'll be send packing, leaving Mitch as the primary guy behind the dish.
  9. Finally getting going, but still isn't that special anymore for a SS.
  10. Well yeah....not a great finish to the season. A 4.30ERA and hit per inning is not what was expected of Thor. Surely will drop a lot in next season rankings.
  11. No hype for next year then as a former top prospect? I know the former part was some time ago though...
  12. Finishing very strong. Definately in consideration to keep at $7 next year, as think the hype could build with this kid. Any speed options with solid power have to be taken seriously.