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  1. I'd consider playing sutton vs KC over Golladay, and I picked up seattle for this week, but buff is good too, cant believe theyre on waivers
  2. That isnt pretty, but Lock has been pretty good and KC might be a shootout. Also Kyle Allen has been putting up points even though its not pretty. I would pick the best matchup between those two and Mayfield
  3. I'd probably go with Singletary, both are pretty equal to me though
  4. Probably Miles Sanders, then for WR I guess I'd go curtis samuel, Thielen might still be out, robby has a tough D assignment...
  5. I have bell too and dont know what to do haha. Torn between playing him and mostert in my flex, playing him and putting kirk or some wr in my flex, or benching bell for mostert and some wr. Would love the help!
  6. Watson for sure, Jimmy G has been up and down all season
  7. yeah probably go brown, also TY is back at practice so that could play into this http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/791508-start-sit-week-2-playoffs-whir/
  8. Yeah probably Jacobs if he plays, wouldnt mind flexing Mixon though
  9. I like hooper and andrews better than Juju, so if andrews plays I'd go with both
  10. this one is tough, I don't think you could go wrong with either tbh. both teams should destroy the competition. I guess I'd go with ravens D since Darnold always seems to make at least 1 stupid play that could become a marcus peters td
  11. hmm, I'd probably go slayton, especially if Eli plays again http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/791508-start-sit-week-2-playoffs-whir/
  12. Higbee if everet is out, otherwise hollister