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  1. Rojo set for a big day, go with him all day!
  2. Jones for sure, I think I saw that Fournette is out?
  3. Probably Wilson, Jefferson is interesting though
  4. Hard choice, same thing is happening for me with CEH vs Hunt
  5. Rhodes isnt that good anymore, I'm going A Rob, DJ Moore, MVS in this one, Chark would be my next choice I guess
  6. Probably Higgins, Miller hasnt been so good this year. Might pick it up a lot with Foles though!
  7. Team 1: Flex: David Montgomery or Darrell Henderson? Team 2: Tough one I've got CEH and Kareem Hunt. What is the chance the chiefs / Pats actually play? Would you risk it and play CEH, or just play it safe and play Hunt? Also, choose 3 of these 4: Lockett, Woods, Golladay, DJ Moore WHIR 100%!