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  1. Did you ever go watch kapernick in person? i'm a season ticket holder and i've been to many of his game. Kaep i can tell you suck big time. So many times we see wide open, i mean wide open WR, dude is blind. stevie johnson was wide open all the time, and i remember one play before the snap, there's this WR on the side has no one like 10-15 yard to cover him, all he need to do is snap the ball and do a quick throw to get first down, but dude failed, snap the ball, look at first option, not there, then panic and run the ball. I don't even know how many times i see him play like that, these things don't show on TV unfortunately. Kaep is garbage at best. Maybe he got his stat during meaningless time.
  2. I'm not sure what you've been watching, SF Oline is horrible, he normally got only less than 2 sec to throw the ball. he can do 2-3 reads and the super quick release and very accurate close/mid range throw. He has not display good long throws but it takes time with the playbook/chemistry of the WR. And 9ers who's their best WR? marquis goodwin, a #3/4 in buffalo.
  3. he's loving it. he wants the carry. i was at the game the other day, i think A.D. is finally warmed up after sitting on the bench for so long
  4. With addition of ajayi, it will help wentz and passing game, chemistry takes time to build too.
  5. Eagles RBBC situation makes opponent extremely predictable on what play they going to play they want a RB that can run inside, outside, catching the ball, so defense won't know what play they going to play
  6. I found it funny miami and teams talking about him a locker room problem, but i see it's more of a coaching staff issue at miami, how the F adam gase didn't know X about their offensive line coach sniffing drug and have one of the worse offensive line in the league. Jay probably have some word about the coaching staff i bet then miami blame him to be a locker room cancer.
  7. i'm 4-4, lost deshaun this week, ajayi on trade probably can't start, mckinnon on bye. Won't be worry about no playoff, first need to get there you know. One week at a time
  8. I have ezekiel/morris/smith in both my league, i don't think dallas is a team that likes to deploy RBBC. Either morris/smith will be primary and get 20 touches. But one thing sure is mcfadden is out. for a 30 yr old back rely on speed, he probably lost some of it. We'll see who will come out on top of this one. But as of today i think morris has a higher chance. The coaches likes what they see in him. Rod smith don't have enough touches to show yet.
  9. dude's gonna be a backup player, they traded him to prevent dallas getting him, that's all
  10. still will get better stat than he was in miami, maybe bump from 40 to 60 yards.
  11. one thing to remember , mcfadden is 30 yrs old, 30 yrs old for a RB usually a decline, especially he's not the power running type. So we basically don't know how much speed he lost last 2 years
  12. his whole offensive line is on cocaine, how can he be good man........
  13. Bradford was bad because he was in really bad situation before , RAMS was a disaster. A qb needs to be in a good coaching situation to thrive, if you put tom brady in tomsula's 49ers, tom will play like s---. I don't get you why minnesota can't support 2 1k WR. D.thomas and e sanders and who they got as QB last year???
  14. I pick him up yesterday, i saw some article he makes good soup. He's raider's souperman