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  1. I was concerned about his usage the minute I drafted him and haven't seen anything to alleviate it. Targets through 6 weeks: WRs: 103 TEs: 60 (2nd highest in the league) RBs: 55 (t4 in the league) The tight end position used to be an afterthought in this offense (they had roughly half of those targets by this time last season) and the RBs are on pace to obliterate their target totals from the past few years. The receivers have been banged up, but I see this trend continuing. We knew Brady would feed more mouths than Jameis did but I wasn't expecting a top-5 defense and for Rojo to breakout like he has. Brady's not concerned with setting any records at this point of his career either. He'll ride a good defense and handoff to Rojo and Fournette 40 times a game if he has to. If anyone offered me a borderline WR1 or strong WR2 for Godwin I'd smash accept.
  2. Plan on waking up early Tuesday morning specifically to drop this guy. Then I'll go back to sleep.
  3. He's not seeing my lineup again unless I'm in dire straits due to injuries or byes. And even then I'd be scouring the waiver wire hard for a replacement. In PPR he's fine but in standard he's unplayable right now.
  4. Nope, they went for 2 and didn't get it. McKissic is the RB to own here folks.
  5. Looks like OT. Maybe us Gibson owners can get another 2, 3 yards.
  6. ^Apparently so. I mean this guy might be pretty valuable in PPR but in standard it's looking ugly right now. We're still in the first half and I'm worried he's going to get game-scripted out in favor of McKissic.
  7. Gibson splitting carries with 2 other RBs on a terrible offense but people continue to hype him. Can't wait to bench him next week.
  8. I'm agonizing over dropping Bullock for Younghoe too. Pretty sad. I'm surprised to see the Bengals-Ravens game has a 13.5 spread. So that's something to consider. I'll continue to mull over this all weekend and inevitably make the wrong call.
  9. If you have any Bills or Titans it'd be a good idea to pick up a startable player in a MNF game in case the game got canceled/forfeited Sunday night or Monday morning. I have no clue what sort of timeframe the NFL has in making a decision, but a positive test could pop after the Sunday games are over.
  10. Their defense can't get off the field. They damn near got doubled up Sunday in time of possession. Limited possessions, non-use in passing game, inability to run effectively between the tackles, a vulturing QB ... other than that things are looking up for Drake.
  11. Watching Stefon Diggs have 2 TDs called back on the same drive, then Jordan Reed obliterate his ankle on a near touchdown within minutes of each other was tough to handle yesterday.
  12. Light the song with sense and color and hold away despair my friend.