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  1. Props to Cleats. I hope he won his league with this horse. And for Mark "Big Truss" Ingram:
  2. I've battled back to make it a game, but it appears it's going to just end in inevitable heartbreak thanks to the -2 from Napoleon Dynamite and 0 from Zane Gonzalez lingering over my head. It's the worst season I've ever had streaming QBs and not even close. I managed to start Beowulf Minshew during his two miserable games, Crab Legs during a game he totally s*hit the bed, and Brissett last week when the Colts turned back the clock to 1940 and ran the ball 80 times in a losing effort. Mix n match a couple mediocre Brady starts along with Nick Foles putting the finishing touches on my season today, and I probably played over half my games with single-digit (or close) QB point totals. Add in the Beowulf and Foles benchings and I couldn't even get garbage time. Just an uncanny season picking QBs.
  3. Final score doesn't matter guys. Nor the division lead. They ran the ball well.
  4. Reich doesn't even care. He must've bet the under and has a couple hookers waiting back at the hotel room. What a bizarre night of play-calling.
  5. A few second differential. Time for one more Colts run play?
  6. Good Lord I've sucked streaming QBs this year. Started Beowulf Minshew for his 2 bad games, Crab Legs in a game he went full retard, and now this. At least I can take some solace in Reich losing after subjecting us to this ugly crap.
  7. Have you ever seen a team run the ball this much? Jesus Christ. This is what games in the 1950s must've looked like. Reich is running straight into a loss in a pivotal game.
  8. TY isn't playing many snaps but still would've had a decent game if not for dick-fingering multiple catches. Helluva time for him to drop this turd on his fantasy owners.
  9. I agonized all day whether or not to start Brissett but felt the matchup was right, especially with TY back. Also started TY. So my season is ending before my eyes. Never dreamed the Colts would run the ball 40 times and make this a 2-hour game.
  10. Expectations are through the roof on every site I read and on Twitter for a monster game. Huge division implications, he owns Houston and the Texans have a beat-up secondary ... which means 4-25 is incoming. Good luck folks. Hopefully we won't be in the Vent thread later.
  11. Beowulf with one final kick in the balls to his owners. See you on Bassmasters, loser.
  12. Again: My opponent's Daniel Fells has ONE catch for ONE yard and he's outscoring my QB. Can't imagine how ashamed Flint Minshew is flying across the ocean to witness this bulls*t. Hope he bagged a few grouse over the weekend at least. Good luck to you fellas today. And F you Beowulf.
  13. My opponent's tight end has 1 (one) receiving yard and he's keeping pace with my QB in the 4th quarter. What a wacky game.
  14. Long a** drive incoming. Maybe Beowulf can eclipse 200 yards in garbage time. Can't wait to drop this loser. Started him twice, received two turds. 🖕
  15. Terrible. Did everyone get served tainted bangers & mash before the game? Total fantasy wasteland.