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  1. This is where I'm at. It's starting to be less exciting and more annoying by the amount of luck/randomness that's involved. In my main standard league, I'm 3-8 while 3rd in total points (nearly 2nd). Practically the same situation last year. Putting in the time to construct a good roster while losing due to injuries or a bad schedule, with no pay off, just doesn't seem worth it anymore. If I play again in the future, I'd like it to be in league that isn't strictly H2H and has settings to mitigate some of the luck.
  2. As a Juju owner, I understand the vitriol. Buuutttt, he has a fairly soft schedule the rest of the way, starting tonight, and ya gotta think that his talent and volume will shine through. Right...? I think he scores tonight and should close the season relatively strong. Good point. Though, they've just had 3 straight at home, so maybe the defense will bend a bit more on their upcoming road-heavy schedule.
  3. I need Sanders and Carson to score 15 or less in standard... 😑
  4. Ingram, pfft. Try LJax, Andrews, and Baltimore D... While I'm 3-6... Soon to be 3-7... And 3rd (out of 12) in the league in points...
  5. Yeah, what a trash can. Top 5 in rushing yards with a mediocre o-line and another 100 yard performance today. Drop city.
  6. It would be absurd for the Browns to significantly reduce Chubb's workload, as he's been one of the best RBs in the league this year. I could see Hunt getting 5-10 touches per game. He shouldn't steal many (if any) goal line carries either, as Chubb is a bigger and more explosive back. So, I doubt he has much value other than being a good handcuff.
  7. As others have pointed out, Ajayi and his team are probably asking for a lot; it's not about talent. Given his injury history and impacts of those injuries on his body, teams are rightfully being cautious.
  8. Juju is one of the best WRs in the game, and his remaining schedule is fairly soft (aside from LAR and BUF). He could go off against the Dolphins and you might not be able to snag him after that. It's not a no-brainer, though, as his value is tied to Rudolph's progression. I may have some bias here, as I just sent my backup QB (Kyler) and WR3 (Ridley) for him. To me, getting a potential WR1 is worth the risk.
  9. So, this trade was just approved in one of my leagues: James Conner + Josh Jacobs + Mecole Hardman for David Johnson. I seem to be the only one speaking out against this. It seems obvious to me, but what do you all think?
  10. Played Gerald "Zero" Everett over Hunter "Will Probably Be Limited" Henry.
  11. Come on. It was his first fumble lost in 21 games. He's been, without a doubt, one of the best RBs in the league this year, and he's showing it again today. I hope you're joking.
  12. The talent is there, but not the opportunity. Christian McCaffrey doesn't want to share the spotlight. What a jerk.
  13. I made the mistake of expressing a casual (playful) opinion and it was interpreted as... well, you already know. Same. I'm rolling him out mostly due to Davante's injury, but sans Ramsey, I think he could have a big game.
  14. 88% v. 92% SPARQ, what a huge discrepancy! You do know that these metrics don't tell the entire story either, right? I never made a statement of absolute truth, only that when I've seen footage, Samuel looks like the crispiest dude out there. You're blowing this way out of proportion.
  15. Is Chubb definitely better than Hunt? Of course we can't know that. I didn't mean to express something absolute. It's just a belief based on what I've seen; and that could certainly change. I think it's fair to argue that the KC offense is running back friendly. Damien Williams posted very Hunt-like numbers when he was slotted in there last year, while never averaging more than 3.9 yards per carry in his four previous seasons. So, while Hunt's production in that system was impressive, Chubb seems a more athletic and explosive runner than Hunt.
  16. I don't know if it was none, but you're right, it looks like he saw more of Taylor Gabriel. On the Diggs TD, they were in Cover 3. King was first contact and Alexander came up short while picking up coverage on the back end. I'll concede that he wasn't exactly burned on that TD though. Good points.
  17. Valid concerns. GB has given up a lot on the ground this year too. Another thing: It'll be interesting to see how negatively affected the offense will be with absence of Tyron Smith (LT).
  18. He's given up TDs to Alshon and Diggs. Also, ARob put up 102 yards while seeing a lot of Alexander. But yeah, otherwise, he has been one of the better corners in the league. It won't be an easy day for either player, but Amari's talent, size advantage, and volume give him a better than average chance to put up valuable points.
  19. No Jalen Ramsey this week. He's probably the best athlete on the team and he always seems to be open. If Allen gets it together, this guy could be a legit stud. I B E L I E V E !
  20. Aaand there's your update, folks. This essentially confirms Dr. Chao's initial statement on the severity of the injury. If he's participating in drills on the field, that's a pretty good indication that his return is imminent.
  21. The only way Hunt sees significant touches is if Chubb gets hurt or the coaching staff completely loses their minds. Chubb is so much better than Hunt.