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  1. I was about to say creating this thread might have been my greatest contribution to RW forums until the latest exchange about us all being kids...which is probably true lol.
  2. Dont know if anyone brought this up..I will begin by saying that i am not really in tune on what the relationship between Red Sox and Betts is/was, don't know if Betts loved playing for them or not but assuming they had good mutual feelings.. Imagine if If the Red Sox and Betts are playing the long game and playing chess while the rest of the league is playing checkers... Red Sox just unloaded Price's salary and picked up a couple nice young talented team friendly contracts putting them in a prime position to try to sign Betts in FA should Betts not extend with the Dodgers(which sounds like he's probably not until he tests FA waters). As a Dodger fan...this scares me.
  3. Ja vs Zion for ROTY is gonna be a helluva race down the stretch
  4. Can we get a dedicated thread for trade news and rumors?
  5. as a laker fan...i'd welcome him with open arms
  6. if drummond is traded no...if drummond is not traded..still probably no
  7. im optimistic for 1/1/1 in 3s/steals/blocks at the very least
  8. i thought he's been pretty consistent no?
  9. hmm. what's there to be frustrated with Doum?