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  1. Wow that happened. I was literally just about to compose a super sweet shout. To your credit: 1) Unlike the trolls, you've stuck around with input after Vlad started hitting. 2) You were the only skeptic in the convo who was obviously watching at bats, and brought useful info. I interpreted your take that his swing didn't look major league to mean, along with the funny GB/FB/exit velo metrics, that he was likely pressing and swinging too hard -- but it was still a helpful take. Most of them are because: 3) Your observations are reality based. The BJs indeed suck, from the front office down to the ROK ballboy (with a handful of exceptions that have familiar looking last names . . . hmm, what does that say about their scouting?) The better Vlad becomes, the more critical it becomes for him to have men on base and protection in the lineup. In Toronto he has nothing of the latter. Zilch. And nothing coming down the pike (unless you believe in a Rowdy renaissance or the FO's ability to craft a decent trade / sign a decent stick). It should go without saying that his production will be moderated by that, but judging from the responses in thread it needed to be said. 4) My last point was about how polite you've been. Civil dissent is a lot trickier than baseball analysis, and I've been thinking I could learn a thing from some of the guys in here about how to be stubborn and nice at same time. Lousy timing then, on that "you have no idea who these guys are" agonism. Totally understandable that you'd flash your credentials in response. But FWIW I'd figured you for that sort of thing anyways, from the content you provide.
  2. Not likely with Grichuk and Smoak batting behind him.
  3. Nothing I've seen. He did 147 in 2017 and 133 last year. Sitting on 128, Another 10 starts should put him at 180-185, which is reasonable. As a good sized command pitcher with 4 solid offerings, he has the makeup to become one of those 200+ innings 220+ K guys (crosses fingers).
  4. FOIA request: are you even in a redraft league? FWIW I'm shamelessly counting a gazillion chickens in dynasty and deep keeper. They will hatch or they won't, but this guys got more eggs in the incubator than anyone I can remember and yeah, the offers I've turned down qualifies as counting. Here's some chickens coming down the pike: over/under on MVP's -- 3 (1 as a Jay* and 2 from greener pastures) *sorry Mevins but there's enough talent brewing atop that lineup to eke out a wildcard in spite of mismanagement, see '15 &'16 Mets
  5. The 80 hit tool projections started showing up here and there after he hit .400 in a 19 y.o. half season at AA. 70 was a clear consensus before and after, and there are always a couple guys who come in high on every player. I agree that its silly to break the scale that way, as if anyone's going to come back and label you a scouting genius on the off chance he careers .335/550. But I do think there are enough 2nd generation guys with the head and body for pro sports (Griffey, Curry and so on), that it's reasonable to weigh last name highly on kids who can clearly play. It looks like Toronto is already 2 for 3 on that bet and nobody is writing Cavan off just yet. Is anyone really surprised that the Spawn of Sabonis knows his way around the rim?
  6. Too much exercise and ya can't put on weight.
  7. As the top fantasy 2b, anyone who gets him at the 2-3 turn will be giddy.
  8. There's always that sweet spot in a prospect's arc when the trolls start to disappear. Not saying Vlad's there yet, and everybody knock wood when you read this. But it smells like the day might be approaching. Can't come a minute too soon. (Note to fans: everybody feasts on s*** pitching. Nobody hits the studs with consistency.)
  9. To be fair he hit the ground running at every promotion (I read somewhere that the jump to AA is the one to watch). That's kinda why it won't surprise anyone too much if he has an Acuna 2nd half. Their minor league arcs were similar in so far as adjusting to higher levels.
  10. I'd feel better if I knew Uncle Wilton was around.
  11. Reading this thread, you'd think he was batting .220, about to get sent down. I guess that's why they call it fantasy baseball?
  12. Most thought he'd be bad as he's been, which is not bad at all. Repeating previous posts: league average hitting in a young player's first semester is friggin' out of this world, in keeping with Vlad's pedigree and expectations. wRC+: Vlad Jr (1st half) 98 Acuna (1st half rookie) 98 Micky Mantle (full season 20 yo rookie) 116 A Rodriguez (part season 20 yo rookie) 69 Ken Griffey Jr (full season 20 yo rookie) 106 He's getting the fewest strikes thrown to him and the worst calls on close balls in mlb. Pitchers are getting him out with a consistent strategy (breaking balls down and in), so he has a thing to work on. His batted ball metrics are great for quality of contact, awful for launch angle -- another thing to work on. Doing exactly what he is doing bodes very, very well for his near term prospects. My over/under for his end of season wRC+ is at the Mick's 116, for next year at 151. The glove tho . . . yikes.