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  1. Free agency starts next week. So we are offering a two-years-for-one on the leagues fees. $25 and play for two years.
  2. PB Dynasty seeks one active, baseball nut of an owner. Thirty team, 6X6, H2H that seeks to simulate the GM experience. This league is about as good as it gets. Every team is active and almost everyone returns year after year. 50 player rosters, 3 round draft, contract system, $142M salary cap this year (will top out at $145 over next few years). Lots of fun extras like statistical projections of every roster, power rankings, even has a pretty great podcast. $25, play on fantrax/proboards. The open team is the Baltimore Orioles. It's a rebuild but good trade pieces and the AL East is a weaker division. Please fill out the Waiting List thread on the main page. Thanks!
  3. Here are expiring contracts for FA:
  4. Hi All. PB Dynasty is a long running 30-team contract league that attempts to simulate MLB. The league is tons of fun, very active, and competitive. 6X6, H2H, 50 player roster, and all kinds of transaction possibilities: non-stop trade market, offseason free agency, franchise and Restricted tags, DFA, Waivers. League even has it's own podcast. $25 league fee. All money paid out by Fantrax Treasurer. Also ran on ProBoards. 29 out of 30 teams returned this year, leaving the cursed Red Sox as the lone team available. It's a complete rebuild but does have a few good pieces. Also will have a top pick position for upcoming minors draft. If interested, check out and fill out the Waiting List Application, Thanks!
  5. HI. Always active and get along with people. 30-Team dynasty veteran. Interested in a rebuild. Preference for league: 30 Team Fantrax H2H Deep rosters Low buy-in
  6. PB Dynasty has an opening. We are looking for a serious owner asap for this 30-team, 6X6 H2H. The Cardinals are in need of a rebuild and there are four more days left until Trade Deadline. Roster here: The league is really fun. 9th year, healthy league with low turnover. Crazy amount of activity. We even have league podcasts. Cardinals will have no fee for rest of year; $25 usually. Free owner drop, so team will have almost no salary commitments for next offseason.
  7. Hello to All. High quality 30-team contract dynasty league entering its ninth year. We are searching for a new owner for the Astros. Offseason begins in earnest Jan 1-7. Here's the roster: H2H, 6X6, 40-man rosters, 10-man Farm, just increased cap to $140M. Immersive and leagues remains flexible to RL MLB simulation and needs of all owners. Owners in this league are top notch. Everyone is active and hilarious. Everyone pitches in to create an extraordinary experience; including fast transactions, Hot Stoves, an active PodCast. It's a blast. Holler if your interested! $25, 100% payout, and lots of bragging rights to the victors... Players include owners that have worked for MLB team, DraftKings, multiple minor league bloggers, professors, truck drivers, urban planners, students, and cater to players from around the world (by adjusting deadlines). Daily log-in is expected, so bring the A-game.
  8. Hello Everyone! Looking to join a new league under some specific circumstances. I am currently the commish in a 30-Teamer and have a long history of success in all different kinds of formats. I keep it fun and active. If you have an open team that meets these parameters, please email: 30 Team ProBoards/Fantrax H2H Closer to Real Life MLB the better Bigger the Minors, the better Open team is absolutely terrible Pay league but first year fee waived due to craptastic nature of the rebuild. Thanks!