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  1. 5/15 left for me: Hopkins, Thomas, Kelce, Mixon, and D.J. Moore. Mixon I actually dropped at one point, but picked him back up. I won the league after picking up the likes of Lamar, A.J. Brown, and Drake at various points.
  2. I should have the title locked up with a 65-point lead and Kelce yet to play. My opponent has Jones and Adams tomorrow. I'm just glad I have enough of a cushion, because I was fearing that things could set up for a MNF comeback.
  3. Lions fan here: The season-long numbers may not reflect it, but they've stiffened against the run the past several weeks. Obviously you can beat them through the air easily, but I don't trust that Lindsay's gonna get enough targets. I survived his dud last week, but opted to drop him this week and will start Drake, Singletary, or Hunt in his place (PPR).
  4. Thank you kind sir. Was slightly concerned that the Saints were doing too well and they'd power it down, but thankfully Thomas got his numbers in quick.
  5. I may have one of the few scenarios where one would leave him on the bench. Starting Thomas and Hopkins at WR and D.J. Moore at flex, and they've all been consistent for me. I don't think I want to go off-script now in the championship round.
  6. Quite a sequence there. Wonder if that missed bomb will cost somebody.
  7. I need Diggs to score no more than 14.81 points in PPR. I'd likely still be alive for the playoffs even if I lose but a win would help me greatly.
  8. If only successful onside kicks counted for fantasy, cause Koo didn't get me quite enough otherwise.
  9. Montgomery's had a few nice plays wiped out by penalties smh
  10. Thank you Goff for those late picks, cause I was sweating out some potential Gurley garbage-time dump-offs or even a TD.
  11. Probably to try and salvage something positive but I don't like it either.
  12. I love this Ravens offense but my problem is Lamar might take a seat soon and I'm in a dogfight with my opponent having Gurley.