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  1. Mild inconvenience? There's nothing mild about shutting everything down across the country. It's extreme. And it's not a small price, this is coming with an enormous price tag and ramifications. People need to act like reasonable adults and not go into full blown panic mode shutting everything down. If you feel uncomfortable in a large crowd in a certain region, then you don't go to the game/large crowd, that's your decision. It's extreme overreaction fueled by media playing people's emotions like a fiddle. The problem is you have masses decision making and thinking with emotions and not logic. Anyway, I'm sure I'll get plenty of responses again, most of which are the same predictable things repeated across the TV screen. In this day and age where perceived intelligence is measured by who can agree with the TV the most. This conversation (not you specifically but in general) will go in circles I get people are dug in so it is what it is. You know where I stand. I know where you stand... So go ahead with the same ole canned responses and snickers, all of which will be forgotten in several months time when you move on to the next thing you're told to. On the bright side everyone, we all survived World War 3 just a few months ago, so it seems like we got a strong crowd of battle tested survivors. Hopefully we can be so lucky this time speak again in the coming months!
  2. I don't see why not. Like I said the hysteria is ridiculous and the only way COVID-19 affects the session is if MLB caves to the hysteria, which what they did. 1400 sick out of 330 million and the entire country shuts down. Plenty of necessary actions and measures have been taken, but shutting down all major sports and any gathering is an absolute joke. People have lost their minds, it's pathetic.
  3. In 2017 he hit 32 HR, 329 avg, 958 ops in 128 games. That's outstanding. In 2018 he played through an injury that required surgery towards the end of the year. Rough year and hours production suffered. Last year he started slow coming back before heating up. People are excited because he has a very intriguing skill set and impact bat... But his flags are health and plate discipline. People are also excited because he can be had for a relatively lower investment cost and will get all the playing time you can imagine and easy path to a prime lineup spot is one of the better hitting parks in the league. He's a late draft sleeper to target, but i would pause at making a strong investment. I like him personally but there is risk.
  4. I hear ya... But 58 players hit 30 HR last year... If you are hitting 250, not stealing, and only marginal in producing counting stats it's not that valuable in this environment. 70 points in batting average > 10 more HR... To me at least. But that Cinci bandbox sure is a nice landing spot. But I've also seen the moose hype his entire career. I think Moose around 100 or after is appropriate and McNeil firmly above. McNeil is a batting title contender, finished 6th in average last year (moose 101) in a time and age where only 19 players managed to hit 300 (among qualified). End of the day McNeil had a 143 wRC+ and Moosetacos a 113. That's a significant gap. In my 6x6 with OPS McNeil ranked 72 and Moose 120. There's a chance i may own both players but I'm much more wooing to invest more in McNeil.
  5. I'd take him over Moose all day. Moose just isn't that good... He's 31 years old and he just hit 30 HR forthe 2nd time in his career... He's had 90 RBI once... Never scored more than 80 runs... Doesn't steal... And he hits 250. Meh. So far in his career he's been a while lot of hype and not much production. Unless moose takes a step forward at age 31, he's likely going to hit about 255 with 72 runs, 30 HR, 85 RBI, 2 SB. Give me McNeil all day.
  6. But you are not a year early, you're running on 3 years early so far 😂😂😂😂
  7. 👍 yup! He is and i have him in a keeper in yahoo too, but yahoo has really low thresholds only 5 starts to get eligibility so I left it off, but yeah +SS in yahoo what's not to love???
  8. His ADP is far too low... Mookie Betts is going #4 overall and last year in the AL on the Sox he hit 132 R, 29 HR, 80 RBI, 16 SB, 295 AVG Ketel hit 97 R, 32 HR, 92 RBI, 10 SB, 329 AVG. Betts is OF only and Marte is 2B/OF... Betts is going 4 overall and Marte 44... Crazy to me. Now I get people are expecting regression and Betts to rebound potentially that's why the prices are so different. But I'm a believer in Ketel, I think he's for real. And I see similar value (not player but value) to the year before J Ram was recognized as a consensus 1st rounder.
  9. See here's your issue, instead of asking the question or asking for clarity for something you were implying that wasn't said, you jumped to assuming... Then when incorrectly implied I directly addressed the implication multiple times to another poster and yourself, yet even after that clarity was provided to you, you dig your heals and continue, ignore the response, and continue to push this argument that literally no one is making. Have fun making up arguments and arguing with yourself.
  10. I typically hate aging power/speed guys. But he must have some good stuff flowing through his veins since his PED suspension. Must have gone higher quality because he's got back to back 20+ HR years and its not just the ball because at age 30 last year he had the lowest K rate of his career at 16%... The best hard hit rate of his career as well. I'm baffled. His SBs have consistently been 25+ and that average has never dipped below 275. I swore he was toast after the PED bust but man... I'm all aboard on him in AVG leagues but likely not getting him in OBP unless there's a haircut on that price. Although Arizona isn't great post-humidor, it is still a MASSIVE improvement to PNC in Pitt. The lineup is also probably the best he's ever been in, not that it's great but he was always in below average/poor lineups. I mean if you can land both him and Ketel you got a Martay Martay Partay. What's better than that?
  11. You need to chill out. Like I said, you are getting yourself worked up over words not said and making things up. It's not a real threat because of the mitigating efforts (that you incorrectly claim are being dismissed). In no way shape or form was it ever communicated that professionals preparing nor the response of leadership was unwarranted nor was I ever dismissive of them and in fact I've directly addressed this misconception by you and another hysterical poster who tried to make the same unfounded assertion. This argument of yours is all in your head.
  12. China Dahl Love the talent but boy is he fragile very hard to depend on him, as long as it is reflected in his price and you are prepared with an injury replacement then go ahead. Also make sure you have low injury risk elsewhere in your team.
  13. I love Rowdy's power potentially, let alone the 80 grade name... He's such a cheap ticket to buy too, it's almost a no brainer to have him on the end of the bench or have an eagle eye on him on the wire.
  14. If you are referring to my statement about coronavirus not being a threat and the hysterics being the threat to the MLB season, then you should probably stop this false narrative of dismissing people's efforts. Just a silly statement to make that was never communicated or inferred -- if you are referring to me, if another poster said that my apologies. As I said previously huge difference between inherent and mitigated/residual risk. The reason coronavirus is such a low risk and not a threat, is the actual real residual risk which accounts to the response and efforts within the USA, as well as being geographically on the opposite side of the earth from ground zero in China. This strawman argument others have brought up about doing nothing or somehow dismissing efforts is just silly. But hey if you want to go through the effort of putting coronavirus rules in place for your league go right ahead. I'm not going to waste my time.