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  1. So you've seen 2 games, one of which was pouring rain with guys falling and dropping passes all over. Lol ok. Those teams you named have David Johnson and Joe Mixon in their backfield... Not little Devin Singletary who is a COP back that can't run between the tackles. Defenses are changing the way they game plan vs the Bills and completely ignore the play action that worked so well early on. Just funny to me you make this assessment that: "Unbelievable how quickly Allen has regressed from looking like an elite top 5 fantasy QB to looking like a QB you can no longer be confident starting." Without actually watching him lol
  2. This post makes me laugh... I mean do you make your assessments from highlights? Turnover near the goal line you refer to was a 3rd down sack with no protection honestly don't even know if he finished his drop back and the LOS was on the 15 yardline... He threw for 300 yards and 70% complete, but here's the issue with the Bills offense... Same issue all year... They can not run the ball AT ALL... And even worse when they do run it its so obvious i can call it from my couch most times, or they'll run from a shotgun set up for failure... This has made Buffalo a 1 dimensional offense, teams do not fear them running it the least bit and it has taken a toll on their passing game. Allen was very effective on play action early in the year but teams now realize they can ignore the run and still stop it.
  3. First matchup this year vs a defense that wasn't a creampuff matchup for him and promptly shutdown. Don't get me wrong, still a beast but he is not going to give you the consistency he gave you the first 5 weeks of the year with his remaining schedule and underlying inefficiency with his 54.5% catch rate on the year.
  4. How bad is the GB front office and head coach? Contending team and they draft a QB in Rd 1 and then Dillon in Rd 2 a RB they can't even get going as a backup. Aaron Rodgers is surrounded by clowns. Once the players they inherited start moving on they'll be fired.
  5. Oh really? Not the 3.7 YPC and lack of effectiveness the first 5 weeks with Murray poaching TDs? Interesting...
  6. Let me illuminate for you... DK Metcalf at running back.
  7. Big props to @DerrickHenrysCleats ... Massive step towards AB producing. I thought there was no chance he'd sign, now he's got to stay on the field.
  8. This is exactly why i do not think he will be signed. Any team could sign him now or last week, get him through the 5 days waiting period for covid testing, and get him familiar with the offensive playbook... Why are these teams not getting him up to speed on the offense did he can contribute right away? Why are they not getting him through the 5 day testing waiting period? Why are the not working him out? ... To me it just seems like they aren't actually serious about him signing. But make no mistake of he does sign he's absolutely worth having. But due to his outstanding court case that isn't related to the current suspension, his toxic behavior, i just don't think these teams are actually serious about him otherwise he'd be in their building already.
  9. Is he still? Even before he went AWOL he was in decline... His catch rate dropped significantly from his prime... 70.5, 68.8, 62.0, 61.9... His yards per target dropped a full 2 yards from 9 4 in 2017 to 7.7 in 2018... That was when he was 30 years old and everything was trending down... He's now 32 and hasn't played in over a year... But again none of that matters if he can't get on the field and he has ongoing legal issues still unresolved, and NFL teams very easily could stay away until they are resolved. I just stashed Allen Lazard this week. I'll take my chances there. If AB manages to get on the field he can be helpful potentially depending when he's signed because he'll need time to acclimate to whatever offense.
  10. Higgins is actually WR30 on the season in 0.5 PPR... And he wasn't really involved the first two games... He's averaged 13.6 points the last 4 weeks. And he has further upside.
  11. 5th or 6th wheel? Hill Kelce CEH ??? Then who? Suggesting he would be behind Watkins who's always hurt and who Hardman or Robinson??? No way.
  12. Those guys are actually on the field playing. AB is not. [...] hes a canerous teammate and thats what got him the boot from Pitt and Oak. His issue's arent just off the field, but in the lockerroom. He's a toxic personality. Don't be naive about his situation.
  13. Question for you, would you be happy missing out on Claypool, Tee Higgins, James Robinson, Gaskin, Tonyan, Fulgham or whoever else is the next pickup because you are wasting a roster spot on AB??
  14. Which are extreme and literally the reason he's hasn't played. That's exactly why. Plus factor in he's 32 years old and hasnt played in a year due to said character flaws. This isn't madden. Imposing his will on defenders is what made him so great... Unfortunately he took this into his love life.
  15. At least Earl Thomas' exploits were consenual.