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  1. Finally, hopefully it’s a permanent turnaround
  2. So are we trading him or are we keeping him cause I have no faith in him to keep this up LOL
  3. As long as I win my matchup he can be bum this week, I know he’ll be a beast sooner or later Dont make poor moves guys hold out
  4. Obviously, they've both played one game each this season so it's hard to say, with minutes Issac's upside is there as his value is in stocks but PJ is looking like a big piece on the rockets as he could provide stocks as well?
  5. Maybe later on in the season but I don’t see him getting minutes any time soon just cause he looks a tad bit raw and bjelicia spaced the floor nicely
  6. I’m on my phone so I can’t see you’re sig but I look at it as Allen > Myles Garry >>>>> Covington as Covington is going to be really inconsistent. I’d try and replace Garry with Murray and punt assist maybe
  7. I own LeVert as of now but I’m not sure if he’s the right man to have when both options are now available
  8. Was gonna grab brogdon but he might have to catch the boot, cedi is a instant pick up
  9. I put in a claim on him hopefully I get him
  10. I wasn’t originally trying to punt blocks it kinda just happened again after the prince pick but I’ll try and get a big in a trade. Any other low end bigs you think I could get?
  11. Tristan's role is more cemented, noel is behind a well established adams who will only be used fully when adams is injured Help me out
  12. jorkic is a guy who can get you a little of everything which I think is valuable, good trade Help me out