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  1. this will remain open for entry until sunday evening due to the bye week teams
  2. Sent the invites to moretto21, but need email addy for @imstillnumber1
  3. This is our 12th Playoff Season. Group is reliably consistent. Always looking to get 40 players for better prize pool. Usually tops out at 35 players, but every year is different. Leaguesafe is a must. Send info to tommybindc at gmail dot com for invites.
  4. See above settings page on ESPN. $200 auction league in 13th season. Leaguesafe. Travelling trophy.... email for invites to leaguesafe and league. Two weeks until auction
  5. See this link to the league settings. Weekly waivers are auctioned, and each team starts the season with $50 free agent dollars.
  6. This year we are dropping to a 14-team alignment (two 7-man conferences). Prizes to be paid to each conference champ, weekly high scores, season points champ, and playoff prizes. Last year top team won $1600 in his first try in our league! send email to tommybindc at gmail dot com for any questions
  7. This group is in its 11th Post-Season. Must use leaguesafe. Reply below with email address for invites. Good luck!
  8. Looking to continue a dive into new and interesting scoring for an IDP format. This year includes OLine and Head Coach starters. This is a 14-team 3rd round reverse snake draft of 50 roster spots. Follow link and drop an email to commish in the COMMUNICATIONS drop down menu