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  1. 10 teams, PPR, redraft Just looking for the best option for the rest of the season. Thanks.
  2. I have this exact same question and it's destroying my already low self esteem.
  3. Good point. So I'm only carrying 3 WR's right now as I find RBs more valuable in a a standard league. I have Deandre Hopkins, Robbie Anderson, and Hollywood Brown. My RBs are deep and not great with my CMC always on the bench. The RBs are: James Robinson Kalen Ballage Leonard Fournette Salvon Ahmed David Montgomery David Johnson CMC JK Dobbins Melvin Gordon
  4. Obviously that's a distinct possibility but I'm trying to not waste my #1 waiver position and we're starting to wind down on the amount of time to use it. So I tend to agree that he's not coming back but I think there might be a chance, no?
  5. 10 teams, standard league, redraft I feel like I can't roster Marquise Brown anymore. There's not a lot on the waiver wire so I'm looking at Cole Beasley, Nelson Agohlor, Curtis Samuel, Brandon Cooks, or Marvin Jones Jr. Is Hollywood still a better option then these scrubs? Or drop Hollywood for which one? Thanks.
  6. 10 teams, NO PPR, redraft league Leonard Fournette Hollywood Brown Salvon Ahmed David Montgomery Need to drop two!!
  7. 10 teams, standard league, redraft Joe Mixon was dropped in my league and I'm considering using my #1 waiver position. Is that a good move or is he likely out for the year?