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  1. huh? I’m not defending Rudy. What he did with the mics was stupid and careless. I’m simply talking about what Woj tweeted. He completely spun the story of what actually happened just to get a rise out of EVEN MORE people. That’s the last thing we need now in times like this.
  2. Yeah just very unfortunately how all this unfolded for Gobert. And then you got Woj and his awful tweet which further damaged his image. Still not really a fan of Gobert but I kinda feel for the dude.
  3. also I’d advise everyone to stop buying all the ******** toilet paper!! Toilet paper?!?!
  4. I hate Rudy as much as the next guy here but this is a terrible spin by Woj. Surprised he could be this careless and irresponsible for an issue that is extremely sensitive to gobert and the public. Very disappointed in woj here.
  5. I hope he’s ok but I’m really REALLY starting to hate this guy.
  6. He's on my DND list after last year when I had him. Such a headache lol. He's only played more than 70 games twice in his 10 years in the league. He's pretty much a guarantee to miss 15-20 games.
  7. Even with opportunity and when things seem to be alright he'll find a way to get injured.. again.
  8. Got slapped on the right hand by Lillard. He was clearly in some pain as he was grimacing and holding onto it for a bit. He still played for a few more minutes and even got some pts before checking out (blowout). Hopefully it’s nothing serious but something to pay attention to. Luckily for some of us they don’t play till Sat. Rest up my man, you’re on a hell of a run!!
  9. He landed hard on his hip trying to drive on Whiteside. Coach took him out right after since the game was a little out of reach. Doesn’t look that serious as he was sitting on the bench but something to pay attention to. Luckily for some, PHO doesn’t play till Saturday.
  10. There's a lot of overthinking and overanalyzing here. Dude is just.. sick lol.
  11. This guy is like a little kid out there most times, just throwing tantrums left and right when things don't go his way. He still has a lot of growing up to do.
  12. Shouldn't the Bucks get fined for this? Ridiculous...
  13. And this is why I thought it’d be a mistake to drop this guy in 10 teamers and up. Can’t find guys like him on the wire even with his inconsistencies.