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  1. Did some of you really expect him to score 30 pts in his first game back after being out for several weeks? Jeez...
  2. This guy has shot the ball over 80% at the ft line once in the last 15 games... practice your damn fts ffs
  3. wtf.. I'm pretty sure he had a steal there in the 1st quarter.
  4. I'm hoping he doesn't score a basket this game! Reverse jinx
  5. Picks up his 3rd foul in the 2nd qtr smh. Doing his best JJJ impersonation.
  6. I still think he'll be valuable even when Capela comes back. Massive minute restrictions, a good chance to get shut down for ros.. there's just nothing guaranteed with Capela
  7. Looks like he's right in line with the March 1st target.
  8. Miles is way past the post All-Star target. He’s already owned in most leagues.
  9. He's been listed as questionable the past 2 games so he's very close. All star break helps so i'm expecting him back next game or by the end of the week.
  10. I think he has a real chance to get 28-30 min. Thats enough time for him to put up top 80 numbers. I've stashed him in one of my leagues.
  11. I think the only way Reid can maximize his value is to get 22-25 min off the bench. Inserting him into the starting lineup with usage monsters like Dlo, KAT and Beasley will only hinder his value imo.
  12. Really hard to base per 36 min as a good metric. These types of guys for the most part are putting up huge numbers against 2nd units and in garbage time. Prime example is Moritz Wagner - Dude struggled with extra PT.
  13. I think Jabari is a sneaky target. He might get some solid minutes with Bagley and Holmes out. Kings are a horribly run organization so Walton playing him 30 min a game is not out of the question
  14. Imo he sounds like a backend 12 team hold even if Capela is back. I don’t trust Capelas durability and I think even with 20-25 min he can put up decent stocks and 3s.
  15. *impatiently waiting for him to get his offense going again.