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  1. No one looking at thon maker?could be serviceable in deep leagues. Woods doesnt look like he can take the beating and play huge mins every night Edit: i forgot they got henson now too
  2. Yeah my gut tells me that a trade has been accepted with the receiving team requesting him not to play huge minutes 'til official
  3. people hold your horses, too early to conclude that this guy's a bum. hold on and see how it goes for a couple weeks, months even if you can afford depending on your standing. wait for a good streak and sell high, or hang on because chances are Mitch Rob will be a monster during fantasy playoffs
  4. return date still up in the air, but I guess he is definitely coming back this season and worth the stash source:
  5. some recent victims of torn ACL for point of comparison: - Kristaps Porzingis - Jabari Parker - Zach Lavine - Brandon Knight I guess I can say go run to pick up Patty Mills
  6. anybody think Millsap's return would hurt his present value? It could hurt the most during fantasy playoffs when Millsap gets back up to speed, or if assuming he returns and plays 25+mins right out of the gate
  7. I guess they only let him suit up to keep the streak alive, get well soon KAT we need you
  8. 1 KD - gotta be #1 since he doesn't hurt you anywhere 2 Westbrook - FG killer but those rebounds from a guard cannot be ignored despite the high TO, plus the improved 3pt volume from last year 3 Steph - underated rebounder for a Guard, block is the only stat missing, safer pick than Harden due to lower TOs 4 Harden 5 Giannis - assist may fall off a bit, I'm seeing bucks letting Brogdon a bit more loose, but if he shows improved 3pt shooting - easily top1 for me 6 AD - taking AD over KAT due to Butler's presence in MIN, could be a good year again for AD in terms of games played, as other teams now bang Cousins instead of him, but that's wishful thinking 7 KAT 8 Wall - personal best season was last year, could be more mature this year with latest playoff experience 9 Kawhi - random missed games hurt his overall value as we all know, the end of 1st round is just right so you can pair him with a safe #2 pick with upside 10 Jokic 11 Lebron 12 Cousins 13 Gobert 14 Lillard 15 IT2 16 Draymond 17 CP3 18 Paul George 19 Whiteside 20 Kyle Lowry
  9. Just found out this one published by CBS last October 21st, anything new that is also reliable? source:
  10. any concrete news out there for this guy? i am sure a lot are really hoping to get a firm return date
  11. anyone think if George will hold his top 15 value even when Granger comes back? I am thinking of going after him in a keeper league...