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  1. It looks like Freeland has changed his pitch mix and approach and as a result is looking like a different, better, pitcher. Disclaimer that obviously SSS and his .172 BABIP and 93.0% LOB are unsustainable, but I am curious if his FIP of 3.58 is believable. In a Denver Post July 25 article, it was reported that he overhauled his delivery and would be changing up his pitch mix (which had become too predictable): “Kyle’s pitch mix is going to be different, which I think is a good thing,” Black said. “It’s part of developing and evolving and growing as a pitcher...I think you’re going to see a wider range of velocities from his best fastball to his slowest pitch, which will disrupt timing. I think you’ll see him pitching to both sides of the plate (more).” Freeland is especially jazzed about his improved changeup" It appears this has been borne out. He has significantly dialed back his fastball/cutter. 2019: 41.4% (FB), 31.3% (CU) 2020: 23.9%, 22.1% And increased the use of his breaking balls: 2019: 11.0% (CH), 5.6% (SL) 2020: 30.7%, 17.2% Is it working? His offspeed stuff is all above-average per Fangraph's pitch info and values (not super well-versed in this, so would appreciate the assist) unlike last year. As is his fastball and cutter. Freeland is striking out batters at a 20.9% rate, higher than his 2019 16.7% and in line with his 2018 20.5%. Batters appear to be swinging less both inside (8% drop) and outside (8% drop) the zone this year, but appear to be making worse contact (50 GB% vs 46% and 10% HR/FB vs 21%) as a result of his altered approach and pitch selection. All stats from fangraphs. Thoughts?
  2. I didnt see one, so I figured I would create it.
  3. Would love for advice on how to proceed moving forward? Just acquired Craig Kimbrel, Brian Dozier, to replace (insert bad RP) and (Kinsler). What to do next? What assets should I move? What are realistic moves I can make? 20-team dynasty contract league. See below for categories and team specifics. Standings: 5th overall (145.5 points - 191/168/160/148 in front) 2nd Hitting (90 points - 91.5 in front) Offense: (RS=3rd/HR=2nd/RBI=3rd/SBN=5th/OBP=11th/SLG=4th) 10th Pitching (55.5 points - 99.5/90.5/79/79/74.5/69.5/64.5/59/58.5 in front) Pitching: (QS=10th/K=6th/SV=7th/BS=15th/ERA=12th/WHIP=16th) Current Team: (2018/2019/2020/2021/2022) C: Gary Sanchez ($10/ARB/ARB/ARB) 1B: Cody Bellinger ($10/$10/ARB/ARB/ARB) 2B: Brian Dozier ($114/$114/$114) 3B: Anthony Rendon ($68/RFA) SS: Nick Ahmed ($10) OF: Mike Trout ($364/$364/$364) OF: Aaron Judge ($10/$10/ARB/ARB/ARB) OF: Jose Martinez ($57/$57/$57) UTIL: Mac Williamson ($10) SP1: Mike Mikolas ($33/$33) SP2: Kevin Gausman ($13/ARB) P1: Craig Kimbrel ($123/$123/$123) P2: Brandon Morrow ($93) P3: Fernando Rodney ($54) P4: Jose Alvarado ($10) P5: Seranthony Rodriguez ($10) P6: Brad Peacock ($30/$30) P7: Colin McHugh ($10) BE1: Kurt Suzuki ($10) BE2: Rafael Devers ($10/$10/ARB/ARB/ARB) BE3: Mark Canha ($10) BE4: Caleb Smith ($10) BE5: Juan Nicasio ($10) BE6: Ryan Pressly ($10) BE7: Lucas Giolito ($10/$10/ARB/ARB/ARB) BE8: Tyler Glasnow ($10/ARB/ARB/ARB) BE9: Chad Kuhl ($10/ARB/ARB/ARB) IR1: Tim Beckham ($85) IR2: AJ Pollock ($65/$65/$65) IR3: Carlos Rondon ($20/ARB) 2018 Salary: Irrelevant 2019 Salary: $1,115/$1,523 ($408 space) 2020 Salary: $1,355/$1,523 ($168 space) 2021 Salary: $769/$1,523 ($754 space) 2022 Salary: $705/$1,523 ($818 space) Minors: #2 Overall Pick #22 Overall Pick #62 Overall Pick #102 Overall Pick C: Chase Vallot, KC 1B: Brent Rooker, MIN 2B: Keston Hiura 2B: Jonathan Arauz, HOU 2B: Eguy Rosario, MIN 3B: Vlad Guerrero, Jr., TOR 3B: Mark Vientos, NYM SS: Carter Kieboom, NYM SS: Adam Hall, BAL SS: Kevin Merrell, OAK OF: Eloy Jimenez, CWS OF: Jo Adell, LAA OF: Christin Stewart, DET OF: Roman Quinn, PHI SP: Forrest Whitley, HOU SP: Mitch Keller, PIT SP: Michael Baez, SD SP: Nate Pearson, TOR SP: Bryan Mata, BOS RP: Danny Barnes, TOR RP: Jared Miller, ARI RP: Josh Staumont, KC RP: Frankie Montas, OAK
  4. Hi all, Would love to receive your criticism and advice on my team. 20-Team salary cap league. OBP+HR+RBI+R+SB X ERA+WHIP+K+QS+SV STARTING LINEUP (9): C: G. Sanchez = [4] $10/ARB1/ARB2/ARB3 1B: C. Bellinger = [5] $10/$10/ARB1/ARB2/ARB3 2B: T. Beckham = [1] $85 SS: ? (Maybe F. Galvis = [1] $10?) 3B: A. Rendon = [1:RFA] $67(ARB3) OF: M. Trout = [3] $364/$364/$364 OF: A. Judge = [5] $10/$10/ARB1/ARB2/ARB3 OF: A. Pollock = [3] $65/$65/$65 UTIL: R. Devers = [5] $10/$10/ARB1/ARB2/ARB3 ACTIVE PITCHING (7): 2 Starting Pitcher Requirements; 5 "P: pitcher" requirements = 7 total SP1: Z. Godley = [3] $100/$100/$100 SP2: K. Gausman = [2] $13(ARB2)/ARB3 P1: G. Gonzalez = [2] $22/$44 P2: B. Morrow = [1] $95 P3: F. Rodney = [1] $54 P4: A. Swarzak = [2] $27/$27 P5: B. Peacock = [2] $30/$30 BULLPEN/BENCH: SP: L. Giolito = [5] $10/$10/ARB1/ARB2/ARB3 SP: T. Glasnow = [5] $10/$10/ARB1/ARB2/ARB3 SP: M. Mikolas = [2] $33/$33 SP: C. Kuhl = [3] $10/ARB1/ARB2/ARB3 P: J. Bagini = [2] $15/$15 RP: J. Nicasio = [1] $14 1B/OF: J. Martinez = [3] $57/$57/$57 OF: A. Jones = [3] $99/$99/$99 BE: ? (Maybe another 2B/SS) FINANCES: PAYROLL: $1,355 (2018) / $1,055 (2019) / $1,057 (2020) - including ARB estimates and minimum cost players SALARY CAP: $1,523 (2018) CAP SPACE: $165 (2018) / $445 (2019) / $443 (2020) FARM SYSTEM (BEST): 1B: Brent Rooker 2B: Keston Hiura SS: Ci. Keboom SS: C. Seisse SS: K. Merrell SS: A. Hall 3B: Vlad Guerrero Jr. 3B: M. Vientos OF: Eloy Jimenez OF: Jo Adell OF: Christin Stewart SP: Mitch Keller SP: Forrest Whitley SP: Nate Pearson SP: Others...
  5. How do I PM you? Would like to discuss more in-depth, per your offer.