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  1. CeeDee I would not feel safe starting any cowboys except Zeke
  2. .5 PPR flex trouble J. Robinson vs Chargers C. Godwin vs Raiders Or Bench T. Hill vs Denver (snow game) & Start JRob & Godwin
  3. .5 ppr having trouble Need 2rbs 2wr flex M. Davis, J. Conner or J. Robinson T. Hill, C. Godwin or K. Golladay
  4. # 1 rule if FF Don't trust patriots rbs
  5. Start unless you have obvious better options
  6. I like Harry this week.. Pitts d is no joke
  7. .5 ppr Fournett @ Den Golladay @ Ari
  8. I get that. But worth a look if Edmunds, Mattison, Williams or Pollard type are sitting on the wire. FF is all about speculation and facts. Fact is moss is already injured enough not to play