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  1. He’s officially made my lifetime DND list.
  2. It’s kinda sad when you feel more confident about Bo’s floor and undefined ceiling than Alvin Kamara...
  3. I'm starting him in a must win situation in 0.5 pt ppr over deebo samuel, aj brown, and robby anderson.
  4. Prepare to be sorely disappointed and frustrated that you convinced yourself it was a good idea to start him.
  5. I’m in the same boat. I just know if I drop him this week he goes off for something like 150 yards and 3 TDS.
  6. I’ve heard this quote one too many years in a row lol.
  7. Same boat! I did not think it was worth using my #1 waiver claim to get a TE and I wanted to wait on Engrams status before making moves. Now that he’s out and the waiver wire for TE’s is absolutely atrocious - Vernon Davis looks like the play. Especially against Miami!
  8. Might need to sell DJ while he has value. I don’t like the smell of this and this could haunt him. A back injury for a RB? Sounds like super sized order of headaches to come.
  9. We putting the ol' reliable bowling ball in the flex against the Titans? He rattled off 100 yards on the Patriots so I have a Herculean sense of confidence in this stud now, especially as a flex.
  10. I’m dreading the idea of starting O.J. because I have Mark Andrews but his bum foot might force me to start him anyway. I really hope this guy gets going 😭.
  11. Hmmmm these foot issues are quite worrisome. I feel like the window to sell is diminishing. Am I the only one who is nervous?
  12. It's nice to know I've got Monty going without any stress. I really hope we see a breakout star tonight and he makes a statement on MNF compared to the awful week 1 TNF performance.
  13. Boy, that was a real nice cup of disappointment wasn’t it?
  14. Had a feeling he would come back down to earth but not this bad? Looks like we need to see what his floor actually is but I’m sure his foot limited him a bit.