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  1. Yep agree - I grabbed him in a few leagues last week, could easily churn out top 75-ish value after the break with this opportunity
  2. Yeah he's been a nightmare to own this year - luckily I traded him last week in a dyno league but if you own him in a redraft and your IL is full or you don't have one I'd just be moving on at this point, this sounds more serious than the king's are letting on 🤦🏽‍♂️
  3. Should be back straight after the AS break you'd think
  4. Yeah not much wrong with it - Lillards a top 6 fantasy guy, I'd rather Harden but it's not too bad.
  5. Spellman has a much more fantasy friendly game than Culver if you care about percentages - I'd personally rather take a flier on him and have done so in a couple of leagues.
  6. Bryant - Conley not worth owning in most leagues this year, he’s been awful.
  7. Like them both - providing TB injury doesn’t linger/worsen. you really don’t have someone worse to drop? Maybe trade a big for a small or two bigs for one better big and then grab TB and pop I’m on your injured list (assuming you have IL spots)
  8. Yep I’d do that - nice trade but slightly prefer Jokic/Graham
  9. Depends on your league settings - he was terrible before getting injured this year in 9-CAT, high TO and poor percentages really drag down his value. Will give you points, steals and other supporting stats but hurts you elsewhere.
  10. Depends on team needs but in most cases I’m taking PG13 here
  11. Maybe someone gets injured and you don't need to drop anyone? Or try for a two for one trade. BTW - Conley injured again so holding Ingles makes sense, your worst guys are probably DD/Gordon/Robinson and maybe Levert depending on your league settings (he's been terrible this year in 9 CAT).
  12. Yeah it's essentially Pascal and Beal for KAT - fair trade IMO and depends on individual circumstances, league settings/size etc to which side you prefer.