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  1. So, it's really risky to start anyone playing on Tuesday?
  2. High volume stud with weapons. Wouldn't surprise anyone if he finished Top 5-6.
  3. Think Diggs is safer and it's so few points, so I'd lean him.
  4. Pretty simple, assuming Mattison is out (which looks likely imo), who ya got tonight for a bigger game?
  5. Do we think he guts it out and plays? Thinking of the need to potentially audible to a WR today 😕
  6. Gotta think he's a solid PPR floor play this week in what should be a fairly high scoring game. However, with the ankle (creeping back up) last week and the emergence of that rando other WR, well I guess we'll see.
  7. Re: AJG. I guess I just mean that no one actually believes his injury lasted this long or is causing him to miss the entire season. 2 or 3 months (From time of injury)? Sure. But he's obviously been milking it as part of his holdout and knowing he needs to get paid, and now he is essentially continuing to hold out for the one more big contract he'll get this offseason. ADP was in the high 60s-70s, making him a 6th/7th round pick in most leagues, and he will end up with 0 points this season. Everyone else mentioned here has scored more than that, so I guess that's why I said by definition (AJG has the least).
  8. Agree with Slayton and Lockett. Thanks for mine
  9. Beckham I agree with and it's kind of a tossup between Laird (better matchup) and Freeman (more proven). Probably lean Freeman. Thanks for mine
  10. Yeah, agree with the consensus here that Drake over either Miller or Tate is the way to go. Thanks for mine
  11. I agree with this completely. Thanks for help with mine!
  12. Got a bit of a conundrum at WR for the Semis in one league this week. It's a PPR and I have to play 3 of the following 4 guys: Cooper Kupp Courtland Sutton Christian Kirk Tyler Lockett Which one do you NOT play? WHIR
  13. Guys, check out these preseason numbers: 60/92 (65.2%) for 744 Yards (8.09 ypa), 4 TDs, and 2 INTs. Jameis lite. I can't believe it's come down to this, but with the weapons, system, and the match up, us JW owners should take a long look.