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  1. He’s an easy stream spot in shallower leagues due to the 2 game week. Drop today/tomorrow, and in standard settings, he’ll clear after the first game. Your opponent is way less-inclined to pick him up for a single game.
  2. I’m down to help. But on the top is of the AC forum, I don’t 100% agree. I’ve gotten tons of replies and, more importantly, have doled out my fair share. The trick (as already mentioned above) is to add WHIR (will help in return) to your title and legit answer every thread on the first page as those are usually the most recent threads. I try to prioritize those people who also have WHIR in their titles, but the breakdown may be something like: reply to 10 get 5 responses back. I don’t think it should be used for sit/start issues or time pressing matters, but trade advice will always be useful. Additionally, I’d recommend hopping on Reddit’s fantasy nba page. You can get pretty quick advice there.
  3. My advice would be to frequent reddit more. The report he was coming back soon with a slight possibility of Sunday came out 2 days or so ago. I’ve been trying my damndest to trade for him in the leagues I don’t own him before roto caught wind, but alas.
  4. In regards to stashing ww guys before the deadline—I’d advise against it. It’s an alluring notion since the right move can grant you gold from nothing at all, but I’ve done the stash and wait for the past few years. It never goes as planned. Might be best to wait until the day and have your trigger finger ready.
  5. Good sign he started, no? I might hold onto for the remaining games of the week. But another game like this, and I’ll have to move on.
  6. Yahoo changed his projected stats to 0 for today. No word yet if he’s playing or not.
  7. dude had 3 fouls from what I remember. Got taken out and never put back in. Pretty dumb
  8.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet walking boot
  9. Stud in the first already. Look no further for your starting Pg
  10. My question is if this via the injury report from the team, or is Yahoo just designating it ahead of time without any status update. I know they’ve done this for other players. Immediately after an out game, they sometimes switch back to GTD until the player is confirmed out again.
  11. FVV probably back on Friday, so minutes siphon back I’d guess.