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  1. scrolling on the phone, I damn near hypnotized myself on this shi
  2. Post ASB Knicks FO ideal lineup: PG- Harkless SG- Gibson SF- Randle PF- Portis C- MitchRob
  3. I grabbed woods and Beasley. I still have a move in case something trickles down. But overall, sort of underwhelming aside from the Drummond and deangelo move.
  4. yes, he says he will decline one. But I wonder if his tune changes when Cavs bench him and he gets a bunch of DNPs once the relationship sours.
  5. So . . . wait . . . Cavs have all those bigs? There better be an unannounced trade here.
  6. Apparently IT will be moved, so Napier might be in for some big minutes with ish
  7. I have Covington—he isn’t a big scoring threat at all haha. He was a blip of offense if anything. Culver will get his shots, Deangelo, towns of course, and Juancho if he starts. Beasley is someone to watch, but I’m only anticipating tres here and there.
  8. Yeah, I’m not sold on Beasley. If the deadline comes and goes without a bomb, I’ll consider adding him where available. But dude doesn’t do much aside from points, and there will be plenty of those going to the main guys.
  9. All y’all were making fun of dude saying Wiggins would get moved to GSW. Smh