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  1. I’m in the same exact boat. I was hoping that kat can back last game so I can drop dieng to get norm for Sunday. But dieng’s too good to drop as long as kat is out 😭
  2. Gafford, wood, sekou, lee, norm Powell, Miles Bridges
  3. He’s questionable. Layman is the one that’s out
  4. I rank brown the lowest because imo, even with the Celtics at full strength, I think he would still provide better fantasy numbers over warren when dipo gets back.
  5. I’d go warren, Holmes, then brown. Bagley is coming back, but Holmes is not a high usage guy anyways so he shouldn’t be affected too much.
  6. Agreed if u can get harden and Mitch Rob it’s an easy yes
  7. My options are miles bridges, house, or bertans. Who should I drop to pick up anunoby?
  8. Yeah I like this deal for you. Siakam is good but dame should be posting first round value. But I guess it also depends on your team build. But even if dame doesn’t fit in your team, you can always move him again for more.