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  1. they will by next week when tulo goes on the DL (or whatever they call it now)
  2. nope, not me...he is fine where he is on my bench
  3. a hip injury...
  4. odor has a 3 game hitting streak and a HR in his last game, I guess they wanted to keep him in the lineup while he is scotching hot...
  5. they have him in the lineup, but he is reported being off tonight, not sure if he was scratched..
  6. that was his 5th start at second, does any yahoo users know if they will update his eligibility before game time? I need him at second base tonight
  7. I wouldnt do it,I cant see myself dropping Vlad this close to the 15th for a guy who isnt even going to be in your starting lineup when Elvis and Yeonis return.
  8. I was wondering why yahoo had him listed as dtd, they never gave an explanation
  9. no the writer is saying it, if it was the VP, it would have been in quotes.
  10. this was in my players notes from my yahoo league... "Cardinals president of baseball operations John Mozeliak said Thursday that he didn't think there would be any restrictions on how many innings Alex Reyes (elbow) will be allowed to throw the rest of the season."
  11. I can confirm, I also grew up near Lake Champlain, good ole Champy...