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  1. China's already getting better, so is South Korea. It's on my firm view that in a month things will get better and the NBA will be resumed with no fans. Fingers crossed.
  2. A big no for me personally. People who have been mathematically eliminated from playoffs should not receive any money back. Heck, most of them out of contention in my leagues have stopped setting lineups already. The fairest way is to give end of season standing pot by current standings if there is one, and playoff pot divided between playoff eligible teams, either evenly or percentage based on standings.
  3. It’s not an accurate comparison as the mortality of COVID-19 is different for each age group. For under 50’s it’s under 0.5%. It’s mostly the old and immunocompromised that are the most affected. Also, I believe the mortality rate will drop as more people are tested, as it’s quite likely for many more people to have the virus but never presented for testing due to lack of symptoms or mild nature of symptoms. Korea is a good example with mortality at about 0.6% across all population. This is a lot lower than China likely due to better access to medical services and the ability for more widespread testing. Overall I think we should be careful but the level of panic caused by the media is not warranted.
  4. I rage dropped him...will probably regret it but in a 12 team he's my last end of bench guy and I would rather stream. He gets games like these a lot and I rather stream aggressively then deal with this. Thank me guys cus he's probably going to blow up soon.
  5. What are the chances he plays tonight? Need to activate him but don't want to in case he doesn't play and I have to drop a player...
  6. Lost 4-5 cus Butler did not play *** lost by two rebounds...
  7. I'm actually losing a lot in that league, but my point was that I am winning against someone who I just gave him two guys that immediately got injured, and I merely thought that was funny. Perhaps my comment was too sensitive to you and I apologize for that. I will be careful in my comments in the future.
  8. I don't see him providing anymore than late round production in best case scenario. So, yes, I would drop him if you don't have IR or your IR is full of better players. His upside is really low at this point with the FG and steals drop off, you are likely better off streaming. Patience is not always rewarded. Sometimes knowing when to cut your losses is important.
  9. I'm actually ranting for my I traded to him Ayton and Brogdon for Porzingis and Gallinari last week. I know I sold low, but Ayton and Brogdon has not played a single game for him since the trade and I am thrashing him right now in our matchup.
  10. Dropped after holding for so long through his various injuries. I'd rather stream his spot.
  11. Drop city now. Bench role and getting 25min isn’t enough for him to produce. Plus with Zion looming.
  12. Blake has been trash though ranked outside top 200 per game this season with load management. I think it's on par.