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  1. Wow, I am speechless. This man dropped a 60 piece and single ha deadly carried his crappy team to a W
  2. Holy sh*t man same. Dame is one of my favourite players ever and I always, always root for this guy. Just the realest dude.
  3. This guy is a literal walking bucket. Just unstoppable inside.
  4. I think his minutes depend on where Portland is at by the time he comes back. If they're still within reach of an 8th seed (they're currently 4 games back I believe) then I can see them giving Nurk at least 25 minutes a game. If there's no hope of them making the playoffs then I doubt he gets enough minutes to make any meaningful fantasy contribution. What Portland should be doing is trading CJ to get back another 3 and D wing like RoCo or at least a backcourt mate for Lillard with more size and better defense.
  5. Yeah I don't think favors really counts as a wire pickup. Even when he was out for a month, I don't think I saw his own % ever drop below 50ish and he was probably drafted in the mind rounds in most leagues. It's just circumstance that led him to being picked up off the wire.
  6. Clippers closed the lead as soon as favors left the floor. Just in case there was still any doubt as to how valuable he is to this team
  7. Damn, their defense would be insane with butler, roco and nurk. Plus dame and Jimmy can put up buckets at will They need to do something to get dame some more help. Cj just isn't cutting it anymore.
  8. Yeah favors is pretty much the only player on that team who's a true rim protector and who can actually guard elite bigs and slashing guards. There's a reason the Pels win games when he's on the floor.
  9. I actually prefer the Lillard side I think. This seems like a punt fg build so lonzo would be pretty damn valuable with his assists, out of position boards and steals. Lillard is a top 6 guy as well. Ibaka is cherry on top. Not league breaking at all