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  1. Man Luka is absolutely ridiculous. 21 years old, first time in the playoffs and already playing like this? Unbelievable, this kid is a future top 10 all-time player, calling it now. I feel like he's gone in the first 3 picks next season.
  2. Best wishes to him and his mom. That's awful. Just goes to show how seriously we need to take covid.
  3. Hoping he comes back by the 14th, that's a nice 3 days of rest. Seemed like he was almost ready for last night but they erred on the side of caution.
  4. This will not happen, I can guarantee it. The empty arenas, yes, actually a very likely possibility and they're probably already working on it. But the season cancellation, no chance.
  5. Holmes is a straight up hustler. I'm glad he was able to show out this season.
  6. This dude has really turned himself around. Widely touted as one of the biggest lottery busts in recent years just a few months ago. He looks like a different player. I hope Warriors keep him long-term - playing in an amazing, winning organization with elite professionals like Curry, Klay and Dray will do wonders for him. He's young enough that he can still be a part of this core going forward. A Curry, Klay, Wiggins, Dray, Chriss starting lineup is pretty nasty.
  7. For a guy who missed months, he's looking real nice out there. Gonna be putting up 25+ with ease in no time.
  8. Just give him the INJ tag so I can stick him in my IR and pick someone else up FFS
  9. Steph is a top 15 fantasy asset even if he plays minutes in the low 20s. High 20s and 30 minutes? Very likely a top 5 player.
  10. Dammit I wish there was some news, need to decide if I'm gonna drop or decide who to pick up off the wire
  11. He's been pretty good for the last month or so
  12. Blazers are only 3 games behind the 8 seed and dame has never phoned it in. I think we can expect some monster numbers the rest of the way
  13. I remember when this guy was a fringe all star in Milwaukee. Injuries really derailed his career
  14. I picked him up as a end of bench streamer, plus he as a 4 game week. Solid production for a wire guy thus far
  15. Gonna bring Dame back into the lineup but kind of stuck as to who my drop is. 10-team, 9-cat roto. Squad: Guards: Dame, Rubio, Conley, Barton Forwards: PG13, Middleton, RoCo, Hayward, Miles Bridges Bigs: Ayton, Brolo, Jarrett Allen, Theis, Chriss Chriss or Barton are the ones I'm leaning towards. Thoughts?
  16. Snatched him up and stuck him in my IR. Hopefully he provides some solid numbers for the playoffs.
  17. Dame time, Dame place, let's get it
  18. Coronavirus is looking pretty good ROS. The 3% fg rate is low but this is made up by the sheer counting stats alone. Easy #1 pick in points leagues and mayeb even cat leagues if you're punting FG
  19. I won weeks 2 to 15 straight. Now I've lost weeks 16 to 20 straight...4-5. Every single time. With Harden, Kawhi and Jokic on my squad. I don't even know how this is possible lol.